Sunday, September 03, 2006

Lemmings notice us once again

Boo-hoo, "Hektor" posted a link at the Cesspit. Well, do you think these mental midgets would try and debunk anything? Address the factual statements, etc.? You know, debate. What CODOH (The Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust (snicker)) is all about (supposedly). No, instead here's what we get:
Look at the contributors:
Andrew E. Mathis
Sergay Romanov
Nick Terry
Roberto Muehlenkamp

Those clowns wouldn’t find their way out of a telephone booth. See them get spanked on this forum. Just search on their last name.
Is this is what one of our anonymous commenters called a "typically Jewish ad-hominem attack"? Of course, while we weren't banned at the Cesspit, and while our postings weren't being simply deleted (quite a nice way to make it look like you've "won" a debate), the midgets were spanked mercilessly. Then again, even if you will look at distorted versions of the debates, with postings deleted, etc. - even then you will see that deniers were being refuted by us at every turn. Not only that, CODOH Circus is still being humiliated by us.

Alas, lemmings are not fast learners. They're a great cannon fodder, though.


  1. Invitation to Mr. "Malle", the yellow bigmouth from Sweden, who I hope is reading this:

    Come have a chat with me over at RODOH. You know, the forum for Real Open Debate on the Holocaust.

    Let's see if you manage to "spank" me without a moderator deleting my posts when they give you too much trouble.

    Does anyone have an idea why Sweden is so full of assholes, by the way?

  2. Roberto,

    wrong question at the end. Surely it should be, why are there more than a few Swedes among the deniers? Most Swedes I know are quite sane. :-)

  3. Nick,

    Unlike you, I get to meet no Swedes outside Holocaust discussion forums, and the only one I've met on such forums that is not a "Revisionist" freak is ARF webmaster Marcus Wendel.

    But of course this is a rather limited perspective, and I accept your objection that these freaks are not representative.

  4. Most Swedes have a much better sense of humour than Jonathan Andersson, for starters ;-)

    There was even a Swedish metal band called Treblinka.... clearly not in denial, one can safely say!

  5. Just for the record, Sweden isn't full with more assholes than any other given country of possible presence here.

    There :)


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