Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Who's the prettiest of them all?

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Wilhelm Boger of Auschwitz
Paul von Radomski of Syrets
Otto Moll of Auschwitz


  1. Ah yes, but Holocaust deniers say these guys didn't do anything, so in keeping with their theories, these photographs should not be the shots of these three jerks.

    They should be represented by three identical shots of blond-haired Hitler Youth on the march, or Thorak sculptures, or Goebbels' posters.

    It occurs to me that such imagery might link neatly to the homo-eroticism of some deniers' denunciations of their opponents.

    However, I'll go with Moll as the "handsomest." I seem to recall he had some other unpleasant personal attributes.

    I hope all three had necktie parties after the war.

  2. Boger was prosecuted in the Frankfurt Auschwitz Trial, by which time the BRD had abolished capital punishment; not that an SS defendant probably would have got the death penalty from a German court in the 1960s.

    Moll was hanged by the Americans at the Dachau Trial.

    Dunno about Radomski. He's the ugliest of the bunch tho'.

  3. Radomsky was the head of Syrets camp before being transferred to Haidari concentration camp, Athens, Greece. He was found guilty for getting prisoners' belongings, transferred again to Poland where his traces are lost...


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