Monday, August 21, 2006

What Gives Them Away

Sometimes we get a guest here like Eric Hufschmid and we know we have a Jew hater on our hands right away. How do we know? We know because we never hear "Jews" or "some Jews," but rather the Jews, as if Jews were/are a monolithic entity acting in unison everywhere for all time. (Any video from the Israeli Knesset should prove this false.)

Berel Lang wrote a great essay on this phenomenon a few years back; unfortunately only the World Zionist Organization has it online: "On the 'the' in 'the Jews'"

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  1. i am lawer, member of warr in my country, european country,during the 90s, interesting in matter of holocaust from early years. main reason to research is doubt- is it possible, that human act as we learned that nazi officers did. now, im 44. it is clear to me what was true. and it is so clear that muy be it is some extra high numbers in history sience about holokaust in 10%, but that it must happened in that way as it is described. it is easy to prove. if somebody interesting, contact me at


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