Thursday, August 31, 2006

David Cole

Author: Sergey Romanov
Contrary to what some people believe, David Cole was indeed coerced into "repentance" by JDL:
When Rubin put the “hit” on me, I realized I had to get out. In the end, regardless of my love of history, I didn’t want to die. It was just that simple. And that’s what happens when violence and intimidation, or the threat of prosecution, like in Europe and Canada, are introduced into a debate. Anyone who has anything to lose shuts the hell up, or gets the hell out.
Well, that was quite obvious, since his statement contains a tongue-in-cheek mention of Lucy Dawidowicz's book, with her absolutely ridiculous, crazy, irresponsibe death toll for Majdanek, the camp in which Cole was particularly interested. It is recommended as the book to get the "correct" details from.

However, I wonder where one can find this interview?

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Kiwiwriter said...

I see that thread was from 2004.

Now we're in 2006.

So where's this interview?

Either way, I oppose the use of coercion or terror in these situations. Particularly private coercion or terror.

Sadly, I can hear the Holocaust deniers now, whining in the distance, saying that their being yanked off of E-Bay, or having their e-mail privileges cut off, or being sued for libel, is "private coercion or terror." No, that's holding people accountable for their behavior, in accordance with the law.

Deborah Lipstadt didn't break David Irving's kneecaps. Nobody has ever broken his kneecaps, despite his extravagant claims of being on "hit lists."

Such statements merely show the outrageous sense of self-importance of Holocaust deniers. Lacking importance or relevance to the world, history, or truth...or even their own lives, they invest themselves with great importance to cover for the lack of same.