Friday, July 07, 2006

Why deniers are generally despised

Here's why.


  1. I would rather be concern about why believers have to resort to ad-hominem arguments and distractions. Besides that: The Board Game is a good parody of what the Holocaust Industry is really doing and why they actually deserve to be despised.

  2. Thank you for your comment, anonymous jerk. You haven't addressed a single argument at this blog, so your talk about ad hominems and distractions rings hollow. Deniers are their own worst enemies.

  3. Notice that this moron is so proud of his argument and his role as "bearer of the truth" that he finds it necessary to be anonymous and hide.

    Samuel Johnson said that someone who is giving out the truth should never blush to tell. It's interesting how Holocaust deniers find it necessary to hide themselves from scrutiny, inspection, accountability, and responsibility.

  4. Actually, the "real Anne Frank's diary" is one of better Holocaust jokes I've ever seen.

    Which is not to say that it is tasteful, or appropriate.

  5. In response to kiwiwriter who said the following:
    "Notice that this moron is so proud of his argument and his role as "bearer of the truth" that he finds it necessary to be anonymous and hide."

    For someone who doesn't like people being anonymous, you've used your REAL name as shown on your legal douments? Somehow I DOUBT kiwiwriter is your REAL legal name, so your point is point(less). You chose to use kiwiwriter to hide YOURSELF as you criticize others for doing. Practice what you preach and use your REAL NAME then.

    No doubt you WON'T. AS USUAL you and your group point out things that are no-no's YET you do these SAME THINGS.

    "Consider the source" fits here as well. Andrew, creator this blog, has a violent streak since he's taken the "5 year old mentality" of name calling and had advanced it to the PHYSICAL LEVEL of posting someones private info on the web (after threatening to do so). In other words, an extremist Bin Laden wanna-be put this blog here so is it any wonder he'd include posts such as kiwis?!

    People who resort to personal attacks, both verbal &/or physical, do so because they're LOSING THE DEBATE and know this so they resort to this so sway everyone's attention off of the fact THEY HAVE LOST THE DEBATE AND CAN'T DEFEND THEIR POSITION WITH ANY FACTS.

    Typical tactics of 5 year olds. Are we back in school kiddies? Apparently so.

    Now you will reply with MORE of what I've just accussed you of, so now PROVE ME RIGHT by now engaging in it. (waiting for all of you to put both your feet in your mouths...)

  6. Gee, this anonymous moron is hilarious. Kiwiwriter's URL is no longer extant, but when it was, Kiwiwriter's real name was evident. So the anonymous idiot is wrong.

    Those have 5 y.o. mentality who use ALL CAPS TO TYPE.

    Anonymous jerk says Andrew is the creator of this blog. How so? Where did the anonymous fool get this idea? Nick is the creator, not Andrew. Got it? Suck it in.

    Oh. And if we're losing the debate, it should be very easy for you to dispute any of our anti-"revisionist" arguments.

    Hello? Helllloooo?

    [crickets sfx]


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