Friday, December 09, 2011

More 'Transit Camps' Mr Graf Ignores


Bolzano [Bozen]

Janowska [1]

Janowska [2]

To add to the already mentioned Hinzert and Soldau

Graf's heroes did a lot of killing, not just of Jews.


  1. The Janowska "transit camp" (through which people were "transited" to the Piaski sand hills and the Lisincki forest, where they were shot) is mentioned in my blog Belzec Mass Graves and Archaeology: My Response to Carlo Mattogno (5,2), published on 31 July 2009.

  2. "...dann wandert keiner mehr"

    In order to defend the desperate claim that the Judenpolitik of Hitler/Himmler was one of "transit", not of physical Vernichtung, Faurisson, on his Blog, dated June 20, 2011, quotes this sentence from a speech given by Himmler in the Haus der Flieger, June 9, 1942 (Geheimreden..., 1974, p.159): "Die Völkerwanderung der Juden werden wir in einem Jahr bestimmt fertig haben, dann wandert keiner mehr."
    Like Graf, Faurisson forgets to tell us where and how this Völkerwanderungs was supposed to end. What did Himmler mean by his four last words, "dann wandert keiner mehr"?- The answer was given by RFSS himself e.g. in Posen, Oct. 6, 1943 (ibid. p. 169): "Es musste der schwere Entschluss gefasst werden, dieses Volk von der Erde verschwinden zu lassen."
    Clearly, Faurisson, Graf et al. are not at all interested in finding out "what actually happened". Otherwise, they would not have ignored this or several other clear passages to the same effect.
    Dead men seldom rise from their graves.

  3. Himmler was speaking at the occasion of Heydrich's funeral so there is clearly a theme of death there. Why would he mention merely resettling Jews when his best commander has just been assassinated?

    Note also that the Lidice reprisal massacre took place on the same day as Himmler's speech, so clearly there's a connection here between Lidice and "wander no more".


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