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Famous Soviet cartoonist is 106 years old

Soviet cartoonist Boris Yefimov has celebrated his 106th birthday on September 28.

His first cartoon has appeared in 1919. He saw and depicted Lenin, Petlyura, Kamenev, Bukharin, Trotsky, Mussolini, Stalin, Ribbentrop, Goering... He is still full of life and his memory is still clear.

- What have you felt during the Nuremberg trial, where you personally saw your "heroes"?

- I rejoiced. Three main "Gs" - Hitler, Goebbels and Himmler - were already dead, but Hess, Ribbentrop, Keitel and Goering sat at a distance of two meters from me.
His career was not without dark periods. E.g. he was a cartoonist at Stalin's showtrials, and he is ashamed of it. Nevertheless, some of his work rings as true today, as it did back then:

Who this might be?

These photos purport to depict an Aktion Reinhardt-related SS-man. But I have a reason to suspect that they might depict a modern-day forger.

If you know who this person might be, please leave comments here or at sergeyhc (at) gmail (dot) com.

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Watch Hannover Grow More Hysterical

What is it with Hannover? No matter how often he gets nailed, he simply waits all of five minutes and then reposts the same old lies. Evidently smarting from the spanking Sergey gave him here and here over Taeubner, the intrepid librarian now reposts one of his favourite cliches: 'no mass graves as alleged, no Holocaust'
According to the judeo-supremacist lies, mass-shootings-into-pits
allegations go as high as 2,000,000.
So, is that: 100 graves of 20,000? 200 graves of 10,000? 400 graves of
5,000? 500 graves of 4,000? 1000 graves of 2000? 2000 graves of 1000?
Not one mass grave has been produced to support the 'holocaust' shooting
claims*. Not a single one. Revisionism would be finished if even a few could be
shown. Go ahead and actually look for evidence like this excavation by the
Germans of the Communist atrocity at Katyn .... that was, of course, blamed on
the Germans. Katyn facts: 'Amtliches Material zum Massenmord von Katyn'
No mass graves as alleged, no 'holocaust'. -
* or the gassings claims

Waaaalll, Jonnie, you might like to peruse some of the following blog articles about mass graves: on the Polesie, on Marijampole in Lithuania, on Babi Yar here, here, here and here; never mind this little overview of the extent of mass graves in the Soviet Union and Poland. Meanwhile, just so he's brushed up on the state of research about Sonderkommando 1005, the German unit which exhumed some - and ONLY some - of the mass graves of executed Jews in the east, he can have a little read here and here.

Of course, Hannover might also stop to wonder that this isn't simply a question of 2 million Jews mown down by rifle and machine gun fire, but many millions more Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Poles and other East European peoples unceremoniously dumped in antitank ditches and pits of varying sizes after expiring from gunfire, the noose, starvation and exhaustion.

Perhaps, too, Hannover is confused about the extent and nature of the documentation relating to mass shootings? Then he can get back to us about what this document actually means, if it doesn't mean a mass execution (and in this case, we know there was a mass grave dug up after the war). Or he could mull over the inability of 'revisionist' gurus Jürgen Graf and Carlo Mattogno to read several documents correctly, most notably concerning Galicia, Lithuania and Latvia.

Keep 'em coming, Jonnie. You may reassure your dwindling flock when you mount your soapbox, but you're a sorry excuse for a 'revisionist'.

Watch Hargis squirm

Someone alerted Jonnie "I am not Hannover" Hargis to the fact that he has been pwned. Now watch him squirm:
'Germania' refers to the above and the book it supposedly came from as "sourced in a similarly painstaking manner", very odd indeed.

- I just love the authors' silly beginning, "SS secret verdict". Amazing, so secret that court transcripts were supposedly left behind.

- Where is a reference to Taubner with his case number? Where is a reference to Taubner?

- Why don't we see the real text to these 'verdicts'? We have no reason to believe any of them support the claims made. We have no reason to believe any of them are about Taubner.

- They claim access to damning SS court transcripts, but do not show them. What are they hiding?

- What photos were ordered burnt?
If SS Himmler ordered alleged incriminating photos burnt, then why would an SS court leave a record of him supposedly ordering it? They wouldn't. And where's the alleged orders?

- We see English text, but not the original German transcripts. Why?

- We do see reference to an informer who was supposedly executed, perfectly legal. No Taubner though.

'sourced in a painstaking manner', I don't think so. A jumbled mess of nonsense is more like it.

I stand by my statements.
Jonnie dances around the facts which he can't refute. Namely:
  • the book is painstakingly sourced;
  • the verdict and other Taeubner-related documents are fully sourced;
  • Jonnie Hargis is a silly antisemite, who wouldn't find his way out of a paper bag, much less find a page with sources in a book.
Jonnie is also so stupid as to refer to the fact that Taeubner wasn't judged for the murder of the Jews (he was sentenced because he acted without authorization, with cruelty, and, worst of all, made photos) as proof of something (only Hargis knows what).

It seems we have caught Hannover with his pants down. Yeeew. Not a lovely sight.

Anonymous comments disallowed.

Although sometimes anonymous comments are left by good people, we have decided to disallow such comments. They make it far too easy for various cowardly riff-raff to leave their trash here without feeling any responsibility whatsoever. We can't even track who authored which comment, which makes only trolls happy.

Registering with Blogger is not difficult, so nobody is disadvantaged.

Yet another troglodyte

In "The Unbearable Stupidity of the Cesspit" I have shown that an average Cesspit lemming doesn't know what it is talking about. Here I will show that it is their custom to dig themselves even deeper into their own manure.

Pompous, but absolutely brainless denier "Carto's Cutlass Supreme" (AKA "Even Dumber Than Hargis") begs for more humiliation:
The Sobibor maps and models have a railway line going to the death part of the camp. On page 124 of Yitzhak Arad's book "Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka," Scharfuhrer Erich Bauer said the train, equipped with a locomotive, transferred those unable to walk to the totenlager (death part of the camp) to the Lazarett located there. Arad quotes Bauer:
It was known in the camps that this Lazarett was used not for healing but for the extermination of people..."
The problem is that he's confusing Sobibor with Treblinka. Sobibor had no Lazarett. No map or model shows a Lazarett. It was Treblinka that had the Lazarett.
Really? What maps and models has this nimrod examined? Certainly not this map by W. Rutherford. After all, the legend reads:
55 "Lazarett" (former chapel with long pit behind structure for shooting invalids, the elderly or infirm, unaccompanied minors and any "trouble makers" from the transports)
Neither was it this sketch by survivor Moshe Bahir, which has "LAZARET" written on it in rather large letters. Nor this plan based on information from Erich Bauer and Thomas Blatt, which shows the chapel as no. 47, and the legend for which in Blatt's book Sobibor. The Forgotten Revolt reads as follows:
47. "Lazarett" (former chapel) used in the beginning to kill immobile Jews
And what models? Certainly not this model by Thomas Blatt, which shows the "Lazarett" chapel where it was.

True, Lazarett wasn't in Camp III, so Bauer is compressing two phases into his narrative - the early phase, when the infirm were transferred on carts to the chapel to be shot; and the later phase, when they were transported by narrow-gauge railway into Camp III, to the mass graves.

CCS adds a rather ironic observation:
It is not unlike where on Lubomyr Prytulak's website (now forced down) where he documented the confusion of the dog Barry being at Sobibor and at Treblinka.
Ironic, given that Lubo didn't really document anything, but his own lack of basic logic. And Lubo's site wasn't "forced down". He decided to remove it himself.

Now I'd like an answer from the Cesspit pond-life: is it painful to be so stupid?

Friday, September 29, 2006

Yawn. I guess it's spankin' time again.

Deniers can't debunk the fact that the 1943 judgement by the SS and Police Supreme Court against SS-Unterstrumfuehrer Max Taeubner proves the Nazi genocidal anti-Jewish program (Klee, Dressen, Riess, The Good Old Days, p. 201):
The accused shall not be punished because of the actions against the Jews as such. The Jews have to be exterminated and none of the Jews that were killed is any great loss. Although the accused should have recognized that the extermination of the Jews was the duty of Kommandos which were set up especially for this purpose, he should be excused for considering himself to have the authority to take part in the extermination of Jewry himself. Real hatred of the Jews was the driving motivation for the accused.
Given this damning evidence, deniers have to resort to different tricks. Our old good library assistant Jonnie Hargis (AKA Hannover, AKA The Dumbest Person in the World) tries one such trick:
On pages 196-207 they have alleged extracts from an SS court trial in 1943 involving a Max Taubner who was allegedly pardoned even though he was found guilty of allegedly killing Jews. There is no case number given, no reference to the location of the transcripts, nothing....simply text written by who knows who. There is a post at this bbs with claims a case number, but indeed in the book, none exists! I have the book.


The entire book is utter nonsense where unsubstantiations abound. They simply make up absurd claims and can't back up a single one. Read it and see.
Here's a part of a scanned page from the book, giving the source of the Taeubner-related documents:

The rest of the book is sourced in a similarly painstaking manner.

Now, do you think Hannover-Hargis is a lying scum or an oligophrenic scum?

On 29.09.1941 the Babiy Yar massacre commenced

65 years later neo-Nazis are still denying the deeds of their predecessors.

As usual, these antisemites are simple liars and/or ignoramuses. Learn about their "arguments" here, here, here and here.

Inevitabe parallels

To the Secretaries of oblast and regional party committees,
To the CCs of national Communist parties,
To the people's commissars of internal affairs,
and to the heads of NKVD directorates

It has become known to the VKP CC that the secretaries of oblast and regional party committees, in checking up on employees of NKVD directorates, have laid blame on them for the use of physical pressure against those who have been arrested, treating it as something criminal. The VKP CC affirms that the use of physical pressure in the work of the NKVD has been permitted since 1937 in accordance with a resolution of the VKP CC. This directive indicated that physical pressure was to be used in exceptional cases and only against blatant enemies of the people who, when interrogated by humane methods, defiantly refuse to turn over the names of co-conspirators, and who refuse for months on end to provide any evidence, and who try to thwart the unmasking of co-conspirators who are still at large, and who thereby continue even from prison to wage a struggle against the Soviet regime. Experience has shown that such an arrangement has produced good results and has greatly expedited the unmasking of enemies of the people. True, subsequently in practice the method of physical pressure was abused by Zakovsky, Litvin, Uspensky, and other scoundrels, converting it from an exception into a rule and beginning to apply it against honest people who had been arrested accidentally. For these abuses, they have been given due punishment. But this in no way detracts from the value of the method itself when it is properly used. It is known that all bourgeois secret services use physical pressure against representatives of the socialist proletariat and rely on especially savage methods of it. We might therefore ask why a socialist secret service should be any more more humane in relation to inveterate agent of the bourgeoisie and sworn enemies of the working class and collectivized farmers. The VKP CC believes that the use of physical pressure must absolutely be continued from here on in exceptional cases and against blatant and invidious enemies of the people, and that this is a perfectly appropriate and desirable method. The VKP CC demands that the secretaries of oblast and regional party committees and the CCs of national party committees bear in mind this explanation when they check up on the employees of NKVD directorates.

Secretary of the VKP CC
J. Stalin

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Ukraine to mark 65th anniversary of Babi Yar massacre

"Time can heal wounds, but it should not erase them from our memories," Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko said as he launched two days of commemorations attended by Israeli President Moshe Katsav and 1,000 guests representing 41 countries.

"Not only bodies were buried at Babi Yar, but also hopes, dreams and expectations," said Yushchenko, whose father, a Red Army soldier, was prisoner No. 11365 at Auschwitz.


The commemorations began Tuesday with the opening of an exhibit entitled "Forewarning the Future," featuring photos of naked and twisted bodies stacked together at Babi Yar. They continue Wednesday at the ravine.


Today, the place where tens of thousands of bodies once lay is part of a popular tree-lined park, but still has the air of a forgotten monument. Boys play soccer there, and young couples slip past the hedges to stretch out on the carefully cut grass in the ravine.

Sunday, September 24, 2006


The Ugly Voice, that is. Only a primitive creature could provide us with such pearls of wisdom as:
Joredog: The fact that your grandmother survived is proof that it wasn't a death camp.
(Really? How does that logically follow?)

Read more!

You know you won't get deleted there.
(A forum where anti-"revisionist" postings are routinely censored and deleted, and where most effective anti-deniers are banned? "You won't get deleted there"? Devious liar or... a primitive creature.)
Arthur Butz page 229 and 230:
One of the first victims was Richard Baer, successor to Höss and last commandant of Auschwitz, who was arrested on December 20, 1960, near Hamburg, where he was working as a lumberjack. He was imprisoned and interrogated in prison and insisted that the Auschwitz gas chambers were a myth. Unfortunately, he did not live to take this position in court, because he died in prison on June 17, 1963, at the age of 51 apparently from a circulatory ailment, although his wife considered his death rather mysterious.
And this is kind of how it works: Baer had a lawyer, Baer was interrogated, but he said Auschwitz was a myth. Where are the interrogation transcripts? Where are any of his statements. There's nothing. I've never heard of anyone having any piece of writing from Baer whatsoever, yet he was in jail for 3 years. Maybe in the sources Butz references there's "something."
(That's how denial works - one troglodyte quotes another troglodyte, taking it all on pure faith. No matter that Baer was Auschwitz I commandant in 1944, when, indeed, there was no gas chamber in that camp. No matter that his pre-trial interrogations are publicly available (e.g., on Frankfurt Trial DVD). No matter that Baer never denied the existence of gas chambers in Auschwitz complex, but rather correctly stated that he, as a commandant of the main camp in 1944, had nothing to do with gassings, because gassings were performed in Birkenau (22.12.1960):
Ich bin nur Lagerkommandant im Lager Auschwitz I gewesen. Mit den Teillagern, in denen Vergasungen stattfanden, hatte ich nichts zu tun. Ich habe auch keinen Einfluss auf die Vergasungen selbst gehabt. Die Vergasungen fanden im Lager II statt. Dieses Lager unterstand nicht mir, sondern dem Hauptsturmfuehrer Kramer. Er war zu meiner Zeit Kommandant des Lagers II.
Forget all that. Better let's dream up the story about a brave commandant who was murdered for refusing to repeat the myths. This is much more fun for us, troglodytes!)
Richard Baer. Commandant at Auschwitz spoke out. Three years in jail denying it happened until his mysterious death right before the Auschwitz trial. In all my research, I've never seen a piece of his writing.
(Which just goes on to show how much troglodytes' "research" is worth. They can't even google.)
And finally:
The reason the models look different is because everyone is lying and they can't get their story straight.
Simplistic thinking of a small, primitive mind. When such thinking is elevated to the level of dogma, we get the distortion of reality like that, which Ugly Voice produces in his clip no. 29 [YouTube version] which will be examined in more detail later. For now let me point out that the Ugly Voice deceptively accuses Alexander Donat of fabrication. He compares the 1944 English edition of Wiernik's testimony to the version published by Donat, and finds that they look different:
[English 1944:] It turned out that we were building ten additional gas-chambers, more spacious than the old ones with a capacity of about 150 square feet. As many as 1,000 to 1,200 persons could be crowded into one gas-chamber.
[Donat:] It turned out that we were building ten additional gas chambers, more spacious than the old ones, 7 by 7 meters or about 50 square meters. As many as 1,000 to 1,200 persons could be crowded into one gas chamber.
Troglodyte concludes:
So Donat is taking the liberty to more than triple the square feet of the chamber.
And how would a true skeptic reason? First of all, which version should a priori be closer to the original? The one that uses meters, not feet, of course. Could the publisher of the English edition have gotten something wrong, and published the wrong calculation? And how can we check that? Of course, checking the Polish original is the best solution, and we're working on that. Meanwhile, there are workarounds.
Let's look at Mattogno and Graf's Treblinka book, to which the Ugly Voice refers repeatedly. Mattogno quotes document USSR-344, which is dated December 29, 1945:
Witness Wiernik, who was employed as a master carpenter during all of his stay at the camp and had relative freedom of movement, gives the following dimensions of the chamber: in the small building 5 × 5 m, in the large 7 × 7 m.
Soooo... perhaps Wiernik was claiming 7x7 meters all along? Andrew supplied me with the Yiddish 1944 edition of Wiernik's memoir, so I also looked that up there. Not knowing Yiddish, Arabic numerals were my clues. And voila, on page 24:

It wouldn't be that difficult for the Ugly Voice to check this information and not to make a filthy, libellous accusation against Alexander Donat. But then again, that's the difference between a mind of a critical thinker and a mind of a troglodyte.

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We've had fun recently with Kiwichap, aka SeymoreG at RODOH and, as 'Antipodes', almost single-handedly responsible for the closing of the Skeptic Forum WWII section because of what was deemed excessive racism.

Anyway, the loss of an entire platform has meant that the fundamentalist Christian freak has had to return to the Cesspit to practice his stupidities. This time, the bright spark stumbled across news International Research Project on Jewish Soldiers and Prisoners of War in World War II and boggled at the quoted figure of 200,000 Jewish POWs captured by the Germans.

Had the intrepid New Zealander performed a simple Google, he might have come across no fewer than 1,320,000 hits for 'Jewish POWs', of which quite a number might have helped him with his comprehension problems. Most of all, he might have realised that just because his antisemitic buddies and he think of 'the Jews' as a unified people today, doesn't mean that the Nazis could proceed against 'the Jews' uniformly in the 1940s. How many countries was it that Hitler invaded and fought against, again?

Take this short excerpt of a conference paper by noted German historian Rüdiger Overmans, for example. There he might have learnt that the Germans released the POWs captured from the Greek and Yugoslav Armies, which meant they rounded up the Jewish POWs later - partly because in those countries, the Nazis didn't call all the shots, because they shared spheres of influence with Mussolini. Or he might have found this interesting page on Jewish POWs in Colditz, many from nations which happened to have captured rather a lot of German prisoners of war, who might have fallen victim to reprisals had the Nazis tried to deport British, US, Canadian and other Commonwealth nationals to death camps, in breach of the Geneva Convention. While we appreciate that in many respects, Kiwichap's hero Dolfy was not the cleverest of strategists, the Nazis weren't completely stupid and had to respect certain boundaries out of pure Realpolitik.

Not so in the east, as Kiwichap might have learned regarding Polish Jewish POWs if he'd clicked here or here [Large PDF]. Indeed, he might sooner of later have come across the potentially shocking (to deniers, that is) fact that the SS first carried out four-figure mass executions against Polish Jewish prisoners of war.

As for Soviet Jewish POWs, we'll forgive him his presumable inability to read Russian and thus to access this mammoth two-volume work by Aron Shneer on the fate of Jewish Red Army prisoners of war, now online in full and for free, and instead direct him back to Google, this time to search among the 341,000 hits for 'commissar order'.

Such, then, is the state of 'revisionist research' at the Cesspit these days. Another trial balloon floated to convince themselves that the Holocaust Never Happened, another balloon shot down. If we were even vaguely sympathetic to 'revisionism', we'd be embarrassed for the poor little dears.

Friday, September 22, 2006

The Carnival of Bad History


I think this deserves a posting of its own.

Some smart reader wrote:
denierbud said: Anyone who goes to Rodoh will see they call people names frequently. Dirty names. I'm not going to go to a forum like that.
C'mon, be serious. You can dig through body disposal, dissect mass grave info, get into the nitty gritty of how people are killed, but ... ooooh ... name calling? Heaven forbid. I love the warped logic some deniers have to use to avoid actually defending their drivel.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Open Thread

I know, we're hardly dailykos in size, but there seems to be some demand for a place that readers can get on their own soapboax. No spam please, and remember, think before you type...

Who is this bum?

This weirdo is John Bryant, who apparently likes to think of himself as a great intellectual, and who thinks that it's soooo cooooool to be "politically incorrect".

Of course, no true intellectual can dismiss simple accuracy. But here's an excerpt from Bryant's exchange with Andrew:
First you miss the main point that it establishes a series of events which shows an unbroken pattern of Jewish perfidy, and second, you miss the point that most of the small details you question are unimportant. The end of the Russo-Japenese war is a perfect example -- WHO THE HELL CARES whether it was 1905 or 1906???? A professional historian would want to get it right, but I am not a professional historian, and my audience doesn't give a damn.
So, he has just shown that he has no regard for truth. He keeps proving it further:
A more serious case is Stalin: Does his name mean 'son of a Jew'? Well, maybe not -- maybe it means 'son of a Hebrew' or 'Son of Israel'? Are you really fluent enuf in Georgian to say? Did your girlfriend teach you Georgian in between blowjobs? I didn't think so. But really, it is a small point, because Stalin was surrounded by Jews -- he had Jewish wives, his main man was a Jew (Kaganovich), and the movement he headed was infested to the max with Jews. So if he weren't Jewish, he was still a Jew by osmosis, so to speak.
Does "Bryant" mean "bird shit mixed with snot"? Well, maybe not, maybe it means "a brainless dolt with too much free time on his hands"?

Note how this idiot tries to shift the burden of proof on Andrew. His "maybes" don't count, of course - he has no evidence whatsoever that "Dzhugashvili" has anything to do with Jews (in fact, "Dzhuga" is meaningless in Georgian; thus "Dzhugashvili" means "son of Dzhuga", no more and no less; cf. A. V. Ostrovskij, "Predki Stalina", Genealogicheskij vestnik, 2001, no. 1). Both of Stalin's wives were non-Jewish - Yekaterina Svanidze was Georgian, Nadezhda Alliluyeva - half-Russian, half-Georgian. Neither was Stalin "surrounded by Jews" when he finally acquired the absolute power - he murdered most of the leading Jewish (and non-Jewish) Bolsheviks after several show trials. Kaganovich was indeed very close to Stalin until the late 1940s, and not because he was Jewish, but rather because he was a total sycophant, as his published correspondence with Stalin shows (Stalin i Kaganovich. Perepiska. 1931-1936, ROSSPEN, 2001, 798 pp.).

Indeed, here's what a Russian neo-Nazi "historian" Oleg Platonov (who was on the Editorial Advisory Committee of JHR, no less!) writes about Stalin in his Encyclopedic dictionary of Russian civilization:
Stalin Iosif Vissarionovich [...], Georgian Bolshevik. Since late 1930-s - a Russian statesman, military leader of the Russian people during the Great Patriotic War.
Stalin's life consists of two mutually exclusive stages. In the first stage - late XIX century - 1st half of 1930s - Stalin is the active accomplice of the criminal activities of Lenin and the so-called Lenin's guard, Jewish Bolsheviks, who exterminated millions of Russian people; in the second stage, since the 2nd half of 1930s - a Russian statesman, through whose efforts, in effect, the national revolution was accomplished, which overthrew the power of the Jewish Bolsheviks, and significantly (although not completely) resurrected the former role of the Russian people.
Platonov goes on to praise Stalin by using such pearls as:
Stalin loved old Russian songs and often sang them. In contrast to Jewish Bolsheviks, general secretary of VKP(b) could not tolerate sexual scenes in movies. They jarred and revolted him.
In 1930-40s under Stalin's leadership no less than 800 thousand of Jewish Bolsheviks were exterminated - the cream of the Judaic anti-Russian organization, who wanted to transform Russia into a Jewish state. Almost all Jewish leaders were destroyed, and chances of the rest for acquiring of the power were reduced to a minimum.
(The statistics is completely bogus, of course.)

Etc., etc., etc. A rabid fascist and antisemite (e.g. he promotes the Blood Libel and Holocaust denial literature) Platonov wouldn't praise "Jewish Stalin".

So was Stalin a "Jew by osmosis", or was he a great "liberator from the Jews"? Just as with so many other subjects (e.g., was Christianity a Jewish invention, aimed at naive gentiles with a goal to destroy their native religions; or is it really the only true safeguard against the Jews? Or: was Fanny Kaplan an evil Zionist who shot our great Russian leader Vladimir Lenin; or was this perfidious Jew Lenin really shot not by Kaplan, but by a brave unnamed Russian woman?), let antisemites quarrel about this among themselves. And if they decide to cut each other a lil' bit in the process - so much the better.

PS: The Birdbum, rightly afraid of more spanking, declares he won't respond: "It is really too silly to respond to" (a usual excuse of the vanquished).

McNally 'too crude' even for Cesspit

Well, that didn't last long. Only a few hours after Andrew pulverized McNally's '95 Theses', the Cesspit moderator (read: Hannover)posted the following message:
Mon Sep 18, 2006 11:26 am
This list, while rich with basic Revisionist facts, is simply too crude. The list is gone, this thread will be removed.

Full credit to Hargis for realising that someone ranting about the 'joos' is 'too crude'. Perhaps he might then realise that saying 'judeo-supremacist' is only a couple of junior high grades above?

As to Sergey's question is Patrick McNally's brain rotting, the answer is obvious: he sold it on

Absence of Logic: A Response to McNally

On Jonnie Hargis's Führerbunker, Canadian Holocaust denier Friedrich Braun posted "Ninety-Five Theses on the Holocaust" by Professor Patrick McNally of the Faculty of Policy Studies at Chuo University in Japan.

I threw these responses out in less than half an hour. I seriously hope Prof. McNally does not teach basic logic. A shorter version of this has already been e-mailed to McNally:

Read more!

*1. There is no forensic evidence whatsoever for the hoaxoco$t.

This is simply not true. If McNally (and other deniers) would define "forensic," we could move forward from there, but they never do. So the first stage in debating these "theses" would be to establish the truth or falsity of this first thesis. But we can't do that because McNally, like most deniers, won't define terms first.

*2. There logically cannot be any holyhoax eyewitnesses.

This is begging the question. We have yet to establish (1).

*3. All so-called holocaust evidence is merely hearsay and senile lies.

That can only apply to eyewitnesses, if even then. So we're back to (1)

*4. The hoaxoco$t affirmers jump grasshopper-like from refuted lies to
new lies awaiting refutation.

Can McNally provide a single example?

*5. The hoaxoco$t is world history`s filthiest blood libel.

How so? Wouldn't something like the Lincoln and Norwich blood libels be worse, considering they ended in violence against and mass deportatation of Jews?

*6. The Awshucks Labor Camp had more amenities than the USA WW2 camps for Japanese Americans.

A swimming pool used only by SS is not going to cut it, nor is a movie theater.

*7. Crematoria are never used anywhere to kill people. They are used to burn the bodies of people who are already dead. There is nothing ominous about crematoria.

There is something ominous about 52 crematoria muffles able to incinerate over 2,500 bodies per day. In a camp that could barely hold 200,000 people, it's a bit strange to be able to incinerate the entire camp population in less than three months, unless you're expecting mass deaths to occur.

*8. Awshucks and all labor camps had insecticidal gas chambers.

This proves or disproves nothing.

*9. Insecticidal gas chambers saved Jewish lives.

And they saved SS lives. Which do you think were more important to the Nazis?

*10. There were no homicidal gas chambers anywhere in German occupied territory.

What about at Auschwitz, Belzec, Chelmno, Treblinka, Majdanek, and Sobibor?

*11. Faurisson`s Challenge [Draw me a homicidal gas chamber!] must be met. Holocaustomaniacs must finally put up or shut up!

Why? What special right does Faurisson have to have his demands met that others
do not? We're talking about a man who, for years, asked for "just one proof" of gas chambers, and when Jean-Claude Pressac published a whole book of proofs, and Faurisson still won't shut up.

*12. There were no 6,000,000 jooz to be killed.

Sure there were. The Wannsee Protokol has that nearly that many in Poland and Ukraine alone.

*13. During WW2 there was a war going on. During wars people die and get killed.

Again, this proves or disproves nothing.

*14. If Hiroshima deaths were not murders, neither were Auschwitz deaths.

Straw man alert! Hiroshima was murder.

*15. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were real holocausts [killing by burning].

OK, so let's just call the Holocaust the Shoah instead.

*16. The only real holocaust in Germany was against Germans in their firebombed cities.

That emanates only from your limited definition of "Holocaust."

*17. The worst war criminals [1941-1945] were the American Air Farce fire bombing squadrons.

All sides in the war committed crimes. Both Americans and Japanese did in the Pacific Theater, and we know the Soviets did. The British did most of the bombing of Dresden. But does that exculpate the Nazis? No, it doesn't.

*18. There is better and more proof for the Trojan War than for the holyhoax.

There is no proof at all for the Trojan War, or even Troy.

*19. Belief in the hoaxoco$t is epistemologically similar to belief in witches.

Did the perpetrators of torture during the witch trials confess to engaging in torture? Because if they didn't, then you're wrong.

*20. Belief in the hoaxoco#t is morally much worse than belief in witches.

Based in whose moral calculus? Yours?

21. G, Rudolf`s Lectures on the Holocaust is the indispensable vademecum for students of the holocaust.

Perhaps then you can explain why Mr. Irving withdrew Mr. Rudolf's affidavit from evidence?

*22. The constant changes in the holyhoax fable are due to revisionist pressure and not to any jooish honesty.

This is a classic post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy.

*23. Jooz have abandoned the filthy "soap made from Jews" blood libel.

No, historians have abandoned it.

24. The whole hollowcause story is exactly like the filthy "soap made from Jews" lie.

This shows an utter failure to show causation.

*25. Only jooish obstinacy, greed, and mendacity maintain the Hoaxocost Lie.

And all that inconvenient evidence. Back to (1).

26. The Awshucks Labor Camp was much safer than the German cities being bombed.

Again, begging the question.

27. Giving false testimony must be a criminal and tort offense. ["Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor!"]

So shall we punish sixty-nine SS witnesses for bearing false witness against themselves?

*28. In colloquial English and bureaucratic German, the phrase "Auschwitz Lie" has exactly opposite meanings.

This is a completely irrelevant observation.

*29. If the Auschwitz Lie collapses, the hoaxoco$t collapses.

This is false dilemma.

*30. The holyhoax is the Achilles heel of Jew Power over Gentiles.

Again, begging the question.

*31. If the hoaxoco$t collapses, Jew Power collapses.


*32. Nazis wanted to deport Jooz to somewhere.

Wow, we agree!

*33. Zionists wanted jooz to be deported to somewhere.

Again, we agree.

*34. Nazis and Zionists cooperated to save jooz by getting them out of the war zone to Palestine.

It couldn't have happened that way. Germany never controlled the Mediterranean. As such, the British Navy never lost its ability to enforce its white papers on Palestine that restricted and later outlawed immigration.

*35. Russia and Western Europe have different railroad width gauges.


*36. The Bergen-Belch-Burp Camp and several other camps were located at
the railroad width gauge difference line. They were all transit camps and
not death camps.

This is a faulty syllogism. You cannot conclude your final sentence from your penultimate premise.

*37. If it is morally acceptable for Jews to deport Palestinians from
their homeland, it was morally acceptable for Germans to deport Jews from a
country not their homeland. This is called Torah tit-for-tat.

Another straw man.

*38. Deholyhoaxotoxification is urgently needed.

I don't even understand what that means.

*39. Both the Nurnberg Show Trials and Stalin`s Show Trials used lots of
torture to get confessions.

Who was tortured at Nuremberg?

*40. The Nurnberg Show Trials were far worse than Stalin`s Show Trials
because a whole people was condemned in perpetuity at Nurnberg.

Only if one believes that all Germans were Nazis. Do you?

*41. An international commission must study the forensic aspects of the
holocaust accusations of murder. This commission cannot include any
Jews, Christians, or citizens of HOGs [Holocaust Occupied Governments].

So who will do it? Muslims? Buddhists? Avowed atheists from Samoa?

*42. Finkelstein`s witty and informative The Holocaust Industry does not
even touch on the holocaust as such.


*43. Jooz lie and then get angry when people do not believe their lies.

As do all people, but I question the relevance of this statement. And I seriously question whether all Jews lie, if that is your suggestion.

*44. The absolutely biggest jooish lie is the hoaxoco$t.

And again, begging the question.

*45. The holyhoax fable is nothing but jooish hate speech.


*46. Jooish anti-Gentile lies are a clever defense tactic.

Defense against what?

*47. Gentiles get so overwhelmed by jooish lies that they do not see that jooz are committing the very crimes they accuse Gentiles of.

Where are "Jooz" using gas chambers?

*48. Gentiles will stop telling truths about jooz when jooz stop telling lies about Gentiles.

What truths are being told about Jews that we would want stopped?

*49. Germans must institute a class action lawsuit against the holocaust jet-set plutocrats.

That'll go over big.

*50. The hoaxoco$tofried European Union should be dissolved back into its member states.

I object to this "thesis" on the grounds of relevance.

*51. Holocaust affirmers should be incarcerated.

This would be violation of First Amendment and Article 19 of the U.N. charter.

*52. World Jewry has to pay back all money extorted via the Auschwitz Lie.

Back to our good old friend begging the question.

*53. The once proud German people have become cowards enslaved by the
Auschwitz Lie.

And again: Begging the question.

*54. Germany is now a HOG [Holocaust Obsessed Government].

I don't see how. They seem to have moved past it.

*55. The Hoaxoco$t is the worse plague facing humanity today.

AIDS kills millions yearly. How many die at the hands of the Holocaust?

*56. All UN member states should institute an anti-Holocaust loyalty
oath for their citizens. No holocaust affirmer can be trusted.

This is McCarthyism at best and fascism at worst.

*57. The holyhoaxofried UN itself should be disbanded.

Would that be before or after your McCarthyite "loyalty oath"?

*58. The holyhoax must be privatized, i.e. removed from public space.

Again, I object due to relevance.

*59. All hoaxoco$t museums, libraries, and stink tanks must be closed.


*60. Alley the Weasel told significant lies to get his UAssA citizenship.

Please name them or retract this ad hominem.

*61. Alley the Weasel is a schmaltzy vicious hate-mongering racist liar.


*62. Alley the Weasel, history`s filthiest libeler, should be deported
back to the JewsOnlyState whence he came. He did not come to the USA as a
homeless refugee but as a speaker and spreader of anti-Gentile hatred.

Wiesel never lived in Israel. Unless you mean that France, from which Wiesel emigrated to the U.S., is a "JewsOnlyState."

*63. The Holocaust industry causes infinitely more harm than the tobacco
industry. Public health warnings should be put on anything published by

Tobacco kills 500,000 Americans per year. Again, as per (55), it is your job to prove what you allege.

*64. The Hoaxoco$t is elite Jewry`s cash cow, golden calf, and prize
alibi for any and all of its crimes.

Perhaps, but again, what is the relevance?

*65. The holocaust fable has replaced Christ`s Crucifixion.

So history literally changed?

*66. The birth of Isrealhell has replaced Christ`s Resurrection.


*67. Holocaustianity has replaced Christianity.

So what organization does Benedict XVI run?

*68. The vast majority of the jooish sheeple are hoaxoco$t racists.

This is more ad hominem.

*69. Israel must continue to exist but within the 1948 UN mandated borders.

OK, but I again object due to relevance.

*70. Israel can continue to serve as an open-air mental hospital for incorrigible racists. Where could Izzies go?

This is again ad hominem.

*71. There cannot be any ¡Èone state solution¡É forcing Palestinians to live with racist joos.


*72. The apart-hate JewState must get rid of its worse than Nazi race laws.

Could Jews in Germany vote after 1935?

*73. Israel sees the UAssA as its chief near-term enemy.

What proof is there of this assertion?

*74. Israel destroys the UAssA through its fifth column of traitors high
in the American government. Israel blackmails the JewAssA into wars fought
for the JewState and these wars are bleeding America to death.


*75. Unrepentant racist Jews must be helped to emigrate to the
demilitarized JewState or be put back into a new ghetto.

Got yourself a little Madagascar plan, do you?

*76. Jewdayism is not any kind of a religion but merely a racist
political ideology.

How is Judaism racist? Give examples.

*77. Zio-Judyism must be privatized back into the synagogues and mental

This is self-contradiction. You said above that Israel should continue to exist.

*78. Zio-Judaism is a Tallmud teaching of anti-Gentile hatred.

The Talmud is specifically against Zionism.

*79. Aliyah Zionism teaches that all jooz should emigrate to Izzie. Actually a great idea!

This is actually a terrible idea. Fourteen million Jews in a space the size of Delaware is a invitation to a nuclear attack by people like you.

*80. Non-aliyah Zionism teaches that jooz should support the JewsOnlyState by acting as a fifth column of traitors in the various cattle-goyim states. Not a good idea!

Any proof for this whopper? Of course not.

*81. Zionism must be recognized as [not even] a racism.

Once again, the relevance here cannot be established?

*82. Any Gentile racism is on a higher moral level than Zionism.


*83. Semitism [Jewish Supremacy] teaches that a joo elite should use deceit to dominate cattle goyim nations. Semitists principally use the Auschwitz Club to control the goyim

Again, there is no proof offered here -- just assertions.

*84. Anti-Semitists [not anti-Semites] are urgently needed to fight Semitism [jooish supremacy].

You say potato.

*85. The "Clash of Civilizations" is just a joo scam used to cause wars against and among all humans.

Proof? Relevance? Either? Both?

*86. Jewry is defeating the West [both Black and White] with the hoaxoco$t lie. Jewry is simultaneously waging an anti-Islamic war using Gentile stooges to fight and die for Isrealhell.

Where is war being waged against Islam per se?

*87. Jewry`s multi-front wars are very risky for Mr. Joo because some cattle goyim might wake up.

Which wars are we speaking of?

*88. The German [Hitler] Revolution was very democratic. The French and Russian Revolutions were very undemocratic.

Can we see a demonstration of any relevance whatsoever?

*89. Elite Jewry started WW2 in 1933 by unilaterally declaring war on Germany.

So why did it take Germany six years to retaliate? This is beyond senseless. An economic boycott by a stateless people cannot be and is not an act of war.

*90. Jewism is the residual racism uniting the Solomon Sixpackers, i.e.
the hoi polloi of the jooish sheeple.

There is no proof offered. Again.

*91. The jooish contribution to Gentile societies is a net negative.

Look at a list of Nobel winners some time.

*92. An anti-Semitist [not auntie-Semenist] used to mean someone who hates Semitists. Now an anti-Semitist means someone whom Semitists hate.

You, again, say potato.

*93. A Zionist used to mean a Jew who wanted to send stupider Jews to Palestine. Now a Zionist is often a rich¡¡Jew who escapes from Israel and leaves the stupidest jooz holding the bag as the JewState implodes.

This is perhaps true, but where is the freaking relevance?

*94. The War on Terrorism [actually a War on Common Sense] is a joo- inspired scheme to get stupid Whites and Christians to kill innocent Arabs and Muslims.

Is there any proof of Jewish contrivance? Or any demonstration of relevance?

*95. Delendae sunt Judaea atque holyhoaxotoxia! [Israel and the hoaxoco$t must be destroyed.

And we end with another self-contradiction.

Can you respond to this without ad hominem? I'll bet $100 you can't.

Hey, Mr. Ugly Voice accepts rebuttals!

But only from a "specific academic community", which he doesn’t name. And only if their length is "20 page minimum" (lol), among other conditions.

This raises the following question: who does this fellow think he is to state that he will "accept rebuttals" only from a specific group or entity, and to state conditions that such rebuttals must meet?

The thing with rebuttals is the following, Mr. Ugly Voice: it’s completely irrelevant where they come from or whether you "accept" them or not. All that matters is the consistency of the evidence and arguments on which they are based. If you have nothing to show against such evidence and arguments, you may kick and scream as much as you like. It will only make you more ridiculous than you are already.

More of the same trash …

... as in episodes 11 and 12 of the Ugly Voice Productions video, which now is viewable on YouTube as well as here, is found in episode 13 of that beauty, which deals with the mass graves at Sobibor extermination camp.

Read more!

As before in regard to Treblinka and Belzec, Mr. Ugly Voice tries to take his readers for a ride by "estimating" the burial space available at Sobibor on the basis of, believe it or not, two maps and one model that were not drawn or built true to scale and made no pretense whatsoever to accurately represent the relative sizes and distances of the camp’s areas and of the objects located on those areas.

The fellow’s nonsense reaches levels that can only be called laughable when he takes one of the maps, the Hagen Trial Map featured on the Aktion Reinhard Camps website, and tells his slaw-jacked viewers that the size of each of the mass graves drawn on that map is roughly the same as the size of a henhouse represented on the same map.

Boy, that hurts! Not because the squares underneath the term "Henhouse" are somewhat smaller than the squares representing mass graves, but because even a ten-year-old kid might realize, when looking at this map, that the same was meant to be not an accurate depiction of the relative sizes and distances of the areas and objects shown on it, but a mere means of visualizing the camp’s areas and objects so that accounts of events occurring in the camp could be more easily followed, and that the relative sizes and distances of the areas and objects shown on this map can therefore not be understood as corresponding to reality.

And yet, judging by the approving reviews the video has received - including, but not limited to, the enthusiastic praise that led to my article about episodes 11 and 12 -, it seems there are viewers blind and/or stupid enough to let themselves be taken in by such a kindergarten-level hoax. Which is not surprising, by the way, to who has spent some time looking at the world of "Revisionist" lunacy, which is full of fanatics eager to switch off their tiny brains in order to believe what they would like to believe.

What, now, was the actual size of the burial pits at Sobibor? Mr. Ugly Voice, of course, did not bother to do even the most elementary research in this respect, otherwise he might have come upon this article featured on David Irving’s website, which informs its readers about the results of an investigation conducted on the site of the former Sobibor extermination camp by a team of Polish archaeologists. One of these archaeologists, Andrzej Kola – who, it is safe to assume, is none other than Professor Andrzej Kola from the University of Torun, the archaeologist who led the study on the mass graves at the former Belzec extermination camps that is the subject of my article Carlo Mattogno on Belzec Archaeological Research – is quoted in the article on Irving's website regarding the number and size of the mass graves discovered:
"We uncovered seven mass graves with an average depth of 15ft. In them there were charred human remains and under them remains in a state of decay. That means that in the final stage the victims were burned," said Andrzej Kola, an archaeologist. He said the largest grave measured 210ft by 75ft, the others 60ft by 75ft.
So what we have here is one big grave about 64 meters long, 22.9 meters wide and 4.6 meters deep, and 6 smaller graves, each of which is about 18.3 meters long, 22.9 meters wide and 4.6 meters deep. The theoretical volume of all these graves together would thus be the following:

(64 x 22.9 x 4.6) + (6 x 18.3 x 22.9 x 4.6) = 18,308 cubic meters.

As in the case of Belzec and Treblinka, this theoretical volume cannot be equated with the actual volume available for burial, because allowance has to be made for the sloping that was probably required to stabilize the graves' walls due to the sandy nature of the ground in which they were dug. Taking this factor into consideration, Alex Bay, in his article on Treblinka, has estimated the available burial volume of a grave with the measurements 50 x 25 x 10 meters at 8,502 cubic meters, or 68 % of the theoretical volume of 12,500 cubic meters that results from simply multiplying length, width and depth. Applying this relationship to the volume calculated above for Sobibor – which may be considered generous given that the graves were not as deep as the Treblinka mass grave in Bay’s assessment – , we get an available burial volume of 12,449 cubic meters.

How many bodies of deportees to Sobibor could be buried in 12,449 cubic meters of burial space? About 37,000, if you make the bodies as wide as American Football players and pile a ridiculously high amount of sand upon each layer of bodies, as the Ugly Voice did in episodes 11 and 12 of his video – but that’s utter nonsense, as explained in my article about these episodes. If, on the other hand, you use the plausible densities mentioned in the same article, you get the following:

• At 8 bodies per cubic meter (Mattogno’s "maximum capacity"): 99,592 bodies

• At 10.7 bodies per cubic meter (Alex Bay’s calculation): 133,204 bodies

• At 14.8 bodies per cubic meter (pursuant to Charles Provan’s experiment: 184.245 bodies.

So we can see that, even by the lowest calculation that can be considered reasonable, the American Football spectator crowd of about 80,000 people that Mr. Ugly Voice tries to impress his gullible viewers with could very well fit into the burial space available at Sobibor, as established according to Prof. Kola’s above-mentioned findings. Unsurprisingly, Mr. Ugly Voice has it all wrong once again.

The last sentence of this episode 13 is worth quoting verbatim, illustrative as it is of the deplorable level of intellect on the part of his viewers that Mr. Ugly Voice appeals to:
This map was used as evidence in the trial where Karl Frenzel was sentenced to life in prison. Can you imagine getting sentenced to life in prison based on evidence where the space they give for burying 80,000 bodies are two pits not much bigger than the henhouse?
I don’t know what could better show the misery of UV’s handling of judicial investigations of the mass murder at the "Aktion Reinhard(t)" camps than his apparent lame attempt to put off the most detailed and thorough such investigations (see my article More Fun With Ugly Voice Productions (Part 1)) with imbecile remarks like that quoted above. As I said before, even a ten-year-old kid might see that this map was made just for visualizing the camp’s areas and objects so that accounts of events occurring in the camp could be more easily followed, and that the relative sizes and distances of the areas and objects shown on this map cannot be understood as corresponding to reality. Such visualization probably was what the map was used for at the Hagen trial, the incriminating evidence on the basis of which Frenzel was convicted consisting of documents showing the number of Jews who had ended up at Sobibor and direct testimonies by eyewitnesses, who were subject to aggressive cross-examination by defense attorneys, describing Frenzel’s actions at that camp. Frenzel, like other former staff members of the "Aktion Reinhard(t)" camps indicted before West German courts (see my related article), may have tried to play down his involvement in the mass killings at Sobibor and denied having killed on his own initiative, but he never denied the reality of these mass killings – neither at the trial nor at his later interview with Sobibor survivor Thomas Toivi Blatt. Those of our readers who are interested in knowing how Frenzel felt about «getting sentenced to life in prison based on evidence where the space they give for burying 80,000 bodies are two pits not much bigger than the henhouse»(Ugly Voice) are invited to read the record of this interview.

Click here to read refutations of other Ugly Voice Productions videoclips.


I just love this game. The crazy Kiwi Christian Identity guy, rather known for his lack of brightness (politically-correctly speaking), quotes lying David Irving's rendition distortion of Cavendish-Bentinck's memos at the Cesspit.

No matter that Irving's lies about Cavendish-Bentinck have been exposed during the 2000 trial...

Is Patrick H. McNally's brain rotting?

From this one is tempted to conclude: yes.
2. There logically cannot be any holyhoax eyewitnesses.
This alone should indicate that his circuits just ain't workin'!

But we already knew this, didn't we.
More from Andrew soon.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

More Fun With Ugly Voice Productions (addendum)

This posting is a an addendum to Roberto's and Andrew's postings rebutting the Ugly Voice's clip no. 5 [YouTube version], which concerns the Nuremberg trial.

1) Near the end of the clip the Ugly Voice presents us with the following table:
Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka at Nuremberg

Samuel Rajzman        | 15 min.
Rudolf Hoess          | 3 1/2 min.
Yankel Wiernik        | 1 1/2 min.
Belzec Electric Floor | 30 sec.
Sobibor 2 sentences:  | 30 sec.

21 minutes
Again and again the Ugly Voice shows us his ignorance. Here here omitted Nazi judge Konrad Morgen's testimony. Konrad Morgen was investigating the corruption and other crimes in Nazi camps, and here's what he had to say about Aktion Reinhard(t) camps (emphasis mine):

Read more!
Q. How did you come on to the track of mass killings? You have just spoken of individual killings.

A. I found traces of mass killings also by accident. At the end of 1943, I discovered two trails at the same time, one leading to Lublin and the other to Auschwitz.

Q. Please describe the Lublin trail first.

A. One day I received a report from the Commandant of the Security Police in Lublin. He reported that in a Jewish labour camp in his district a Jewish wedding had taken place. There had been 1,100 invited guests at this wedding.

As I said, 1,100 guests participated in this Jewish wedding. What followed was described as quite extraordinary owing to the gluttonous consumption of food and alcoholic drinks. With these Jews were members of the camp guard, that is to say some SS men or other, who took part in this function. This report only came into my hands in a roundabout way, some months later, as the Commandant of the Security Police suspected that the circumstances indicated that some criminal acts had occurred. This was my impression as well, and I thought that this report would give me an indication of another big case of criminal corruption. With this intention, I went to Lublin and I went to the Security Police there, but all they would tell me was that the events were supposed to have happened at a camp of the "Deutsche Ausrustungswerke." But nothing was known there. I was told it might possibly be a rather peculiar and "opaque" (this was the actual term used) camp in the vicinity of Lublin. I found out the camp and the commandant, who was Kriminalkommissar Wirth.

I asked Wirth whether this report was true and what it meant. To my great astonishment, Wirth admitted it. I asked him why he permitted members of his command to do such things and Wirth then revealed to me that on the Fuehrer's order he had to carry out the extermination of Jews.

Q. Please go on, witness, with what you did.

A. I asked Wirth what this had to do with the Jewish wedding. Then, Wirth described the method by which he carried out the extermination of Jews and he said something like this: "One has to fight the Jews with their own weapons, and one has to cheat them."

Wirth built up an enormous deceptive manoeuvre. He first selected Jews who would, he thought, serve as column leaders, then these Jews brought along other Jews, who worked under them. With those smaller or medium-sized detachments of Jews, he began to build up the extermination camps. He extended this staff, and with them, Wirth himself carried out the extermination.

Wirth said that he had four extermination camps, and that about 5,000 Jews were working at the extermination of Jews and the seizure of Jewish property. In order to win Jews for this business of extermination and plundering of their brethren of race and creed, Wirth gave them every freedom and, so to speak, gave them a financial interest in the spoliation of the dead victims. As a result of this attitude, this extraordinary Jewish wedding had come about.

Then I asked Wirth how he killed Jews with these Jewish agents of his. Wirth described the whole procedure that went off like a film every time. The extermination camps were in the East of the Government General, in big forests or uninhabited waste lands. They were built up like a Potemkin village. The people arriving there had the impression of entering a city or a township. The train drove into what looked like a railroad station. The escorts and the train personnel then left the area. Then the cars were opened and the Jews got out. They were surrounded by these Jewish labour detachments, and Kriminalkommissar Wirth or one of his representatives made a speech. He said: "Jews, you were brought here to be resettled, but before we organize this future Jewish State, you must of course learn how to work. You must learn a new occupation. You will be taught that here. Our routine here is, first, everyone must take off his clothes so that your clothing can be disinfected and you can have a bath so that no epidemics will be brought into the camp."

After he had found such calming words for his victims, they started on the road to death. Men and women were separated. At the first place, one had to give his hat; at the next one, his coat, collar, shirt, down to his shoes and socks. These places were set up like check-rooms, and the person was given a check at each one so that the people believed that they would get their things back. The other Jews had to receive the things and hurry up the new arrivals so that they would not have time to think. The whole thing was like an assembly line. At the last stop they reached a big room, and were told that this was the bath. When the last one was in, the doors were shut and the gas was let into the room.

As soon as death taken place in, the ventilators were started. When the air coup be breathed again, the doors were opened, and the Jewish workers removed the bodies. By means of a special process which Wirth had invented, they were burned in the open air without the use of fuel.

Q. Was Wirth a member of the SS?

A. No, he was a Kriminalkommissar in Stuttgart.

Q. Did you ask Wirth how he arrived at this devilish system?

A. When Wirth took over the extermination of the Jews, he was already specialist in mass destruction of human beings. He had previously carried out the task of getting rid of the incurably insane. On behalf of the Fuehrer himself, whose order was transmitted through the Chancellery of the Fuehrer, he had, the beginning of the war, set up a detachment for this purpose, probably composed of a few officials of his, I believe, the remainder being agents and spies of the criminal police.

Wirth very vividly described how he went about carrying out this assignment. He received no aid, no instructions, but had to do it all by himself. He was only given an old, empty institution in Brandenburg. There he undertook his first experiments. After much consideration and many individual experiments, he evolved his later system, and then this system was used on a large scale to exterminate the insane.

A commission of doctors previously investigated the files, and those insane who were considered to be incurable were put on a separate list. Then the institution one day was told to send these patients to another institution. From this institution the patient was transferred again, often more than once. Finally he came to Wirth's institution. There he was killed by gas and cremated.

This system which deceived the institutions and made them unknowing accomplices, this system which enabled him with very few assistants to exterminate large numbers of people, this system Wirth now employed with a few alterations and improvements for the extermination of Jews. He was also given the assignment by the Fuehrer's Chancellery to exterminate the Jews.

Q. The statements which Wirth made to you must have surpassed human imagination. Did you immediately believe Wirth?

A. At first Wirth's description seemed completely fantastic to me, but in Lublin I saw one of his camps. It was a camp which collected the property or part of the property of his victims. From the quantity - there were an enormous number of watches piled up - I had to realize that something frightful was going on here. I was shown the valuables. I can say that I never saw so much money at one time, especially foreign money - all kinds of coins, from all over the world. In addition, there were a gold-smelting furnace and really prodigious bars of gold.

I also saw that the headquarters from which Wirth directed his operations was very small and inconspicuous. He had only three or four people working there for him. I spoke to them too.

I saw and watched his couriers arrive. They actually came from Berlin, Tiergarten Strasse, the Fuehrer's Chancellery, and went back there. I investigated Wirth's mail, and I found in it confirmation of all this.

Of course, I could not do or see all this on this first visit. I was there frequently. I pursued Wirth up to his death.
Despite some understandable inaccuracies (e.g. the mention of ventilators), in general judge Morgen's account is corroborated by other evidence. The "four camps" were Aktion Reinhard(t) camps Treblinka, Belzec, Sobibor and Lublin (Majdanek), just as in Hoefle's telegram (they could be said to have been Globocnik's camps, but Globocnik made Wirth an Inspekteur der SS-Sonderkommandos Aktion Reinhard). So why didn't the Ugly Voice mention this testimony? Ignorance or deception?

2) It has already been explained previously why Rajzman's incorrect descriptions of the methods of killing don't discredit him in the least - he wasn't a direct eyewitness.

The Ugly Voice often quotes Carlo Mattogno's books. In his (and Juergen Graf's) book about Treblinka the Ugly Voice should have been able to read the following excerpt from a testimony by Rajzman given on September 26, 1944:
Dr. Horonschitzki likewise had no admittance into the cabins, but of what was known to him, he told me the following: the people were driven in large parties into the cabins of the so-called 'baths.' These cabins were hermetically sealed. In the first period, the killing occurred by means of pumping out the air from the cabins; then one resorted to other methods - poisoning by chlorine gas and Cylon-gas. On the camp territory there was a special store of materials with a large amount (up to 15 tons) of so-called Chloren. Externally, Chloren was constituted of blocks white in color. Every day before my eyes, barrels of this Chloren were carried into the second division. I did not see containers with Cyclon, but rarely and periodically various crates arrived with the transports, which were taken over by the guard staff of the 2nd division without delay. The engines in the 'bath rooms' ran 24 hours without interruption. Whether poisoning by means of gas mist occurred, I have not heard.
This only underscores my point - neither Rajzman, nor Dr. Chorazycki had "admittance into the cabins". They made some incorrect conclusions from the incomplete information they had, but that doesn't mean that as eyewitnesses they were unreliable.

Rajzman's "gas mist" is probably a reference to steam chambers rumor. Note that Rajzman does not confirm it. Rajzman's mention of the engines, on the other hand, should be interepreted as a reference to the killing with the engine exhaust.

It is also significant that in his report of late August or early September 1944 Rajzman wrote to the commander of the Soviet 65th army (Dokumenty obvinyayut, Moscow, 1996, pp. 103, 104):
I am one of 10-12 persons who survived a Tremblinka [sic] camp no. 2. I worked in the camp from September, 1942 to August, 1943. In the camp there was a secret committee, which more or less registered everything that happened. In these 11 months about 1 million of people were brought in. For work, they had been told. Then they were undressed, suffocated in gas chambers, their corpses were burnt. These unfortunates' property was brought to Germany by train.
On August 2, 1943, seizing weapons, some of inmates liquidated the guards consisting of Germans and Vlasovites, set the camp on fire and escaped. During this about 800-900 persons died. 100-200 persons escaped. But in September, before the Red Army advanced, Germans caught and shot almost everybody. Of us 10-12 people survived.
I request to create a commission to investigate the activity of the "cultured" German people, and to proclaim around the world that they're such bandits.
S. Rajzman.
As you can see, he mentioned only the gas chambers.

3) I won't stop repeating that the Ugly Voice is a gross ignoramus. His ignorance really knows no bounds. Thus, for example, he picks on Rajzman for using the term "oven", because we know that there was no oven in the Treblinka "Lazarett".

Except many survivors use the terms "oven", "furnace" and "crematorium" to describe incineration pits and pyres. This is well-known, and the Ugly Voice should have been able to found examples in the sources he used (or should have used). Let's look at page 172 of Arad's book:
Leon Feldhendler wrote about the start of the cremation of the corpses in the camp [Sobibor - SR]:
In the first period, there was no crematorium. Then, out of the soil, blood and a bad odor of gas began to surface; terrible smells spread over the whole camp, penetrating everything. The water in Sobibor became rancid. This forced the Germans to build a crematorium. It was a large pit with a roaster above it. The bodies were thrown on the roaster. The fire was ignited from beneath, and petrol was poured on the corpses. The bones were crushed into ashes with hammers. ...
Page 175:
Yechiel Reichman, a member of the "burning group," [in Treblinka - SR] writes:
The SS "expert" on bodyburning ordered us to put women, particularly fat women, on the first layer on the grill, face down. The second layer could consist of whatever was brought—men, women, or children—and so on, layer on top of layer.... Then the "expert" ordered us to lay dry branches under the grill and to light them. Within a few minutes the fire would take so it was difficult to approach the crematorium from as far as 50 meters away.... [...]
Page 232:
[Treblinka inmate -SR] Strawczinski writes:
After supper [the orchestra] plays music in the tailor shop, the largest and nicest hall in the "ghetto." The sky over and around the camp is red from the fire burning in the tremendous oven that was built lately, and the wind brings the smells of flesh and charred bones. It is almost impossible to breathe outside.[...]
Babij Jar Sonderkommandos called their pyres "pechi", i.e. "furnaces", "ovens". Many more examples could be cited (including those mentioned in Mattogno and Graf's book), but here is the text from the very 1945 article by Rajzman which the UV cites:
The oven consisted of an enormous ditch with a concrete foundation and a grate made of rails. Under the grate a strong fire blazed continually, fed by some special fuel.
Again, stupidity or deception?

4) The Ugly Voice whines about the cattle cars, and, as Andrew noted, shows a model of an American cattle car. What a crock! Why doesn't he use the page about the deportation trains from the ARC website? He uses the site in other instances.

5) The Ugly Voice again finds testimonies about hundreds of people packed into small spaces unbelievable. Apparently, he didn't know about Charles Provan's experiment.

6) UV's points about Hoess are rather lame - of course, he simply misremembered the dates and confused the chronology. It has been known for a long time. In fact, there is a whole scholarly article about Hoess inadvertently "shifting" events a year earlier (with other examples cited) - Karin Orth's "Rudolf Höß und die "Endlösung der Judenfrage". Drei Argumente gegen deren Datierung auf den Sommer 1941", in Werkstatt Geschichte, Heft 18, 6 (1997), S. 45-57.

7) Finally, the Ugly Voice is all indignant about the accusations against Nazis who were killing children.

Unfortunately for the Ugly Voice, we have documentary evidence of this.

One such piece of evidence I have already cited earlier. Here's what police secretary Walter Mattner (from Vienna) was writing from Mogilev to his wife in October of 1941 (C. Browning, The Origins of the Final Solution, 2004, University of Nebraska Press, p. 298):
When the first truckload [of victims] arrived my hand was slightly trembling when shooting, but one gets used to this. When the tenth load arrived I was already aiming more calmly and shot securely at the many women, children, and infants. Considering that I too have two infants at home, with whom these hordes would do the same, if not ten times worse. The death we gave to them was a nice, quick death compared with the hellish torture of thousands upon thousands in the dungeons of the GPU. Infants were flying in a wide circle through the air and we shot them down still in flight, before they fell into the pit and into the water. Let's get rid of this scum that tossed all of Europe into the war and is still agitating in America. ... I am actually already looking forward, and many say here that after our return home, then it will be the turn of our own Jews. Well, I'm not allowed to tell you enough.
And here's an excerpt from the 1943 judgement by the SS and Police Supreme Court against SS-Unterstrumfuehrer Max Taeubner (Klee, Dressen, Riess, The Good Old Days, p. 197):
SS-Unterscharfuehrer Mueller, who did not belong to the accused's unit, but had his permission to take part in the execution, snatched children from their mothers. Then, holding them in his left hand, he shot them and threw them into the grave. The accused took him to task about this but nevertheless did not stop him.
This, by the way is the same verdict which contains these words (p. 201):
The accused shall not be punished because of the actions against the Jews as such. The Jews have to be exterminated and none of the Jews that were killed is any great loss. Although the accused should have recognized that the extermination of the Jews was the duty of Kommandos which were set up especially for this purpose, he should be excused for considering himself to have the authority to take part in the extermination of Jewry himself. Real hatred of the Jews was the driving motivation for the accused.
I have yet to see any denier explain these words away.

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More than one third of the "One third..."

We have debunked more than one third of the "One third of the Holocaust" clips. By the author's standards that's as good as debunking the whole, but don't expect us to stop.

With two more long contributions from Andrew and Roberto about a single clip (plus a forthcoming addendum from me) you can see that it is very easy to make a silly video, but it takes lots of time and (virtual) paper to debunk it. We've already spent about 200 kilobytes of text on this.

But we're not the only ones taking on the Ugly Voice's video. Check out this neat clip by lokulotes at YouTube.

More Fun With Ugly Voice Productions (Part 2)

Roberto having demonstrated the irrelevance of the UV’s claims about Nuremberg, we will now have a closer look at their components and the fallacies thereof.

Read more!

(1) First the UV deals with discussion of Belzec, where mention is made of supposed electrocutions at Belzec. I have myself already dealt with this issue in my article "General Semantics and Holocaust Denial" on pp. 55-56.

The key point is that not everything about the Holocaust is known even today, so to conclude that everything about it would be decisively known a year after it had concluded is a poor assumption to make.

You also may want to ask yourself why no eyewitnesses were called for Belzec: There were too few to find. Look at this list of Belzec inmates:

A grand total of ten are believed to have survived the camp, and for a large portion of those, we don't even know their full names. This is sixty years after the fact. Isn't it logical to assume that the Nuremberg prosecutors would have known even less a mere one year after the end of the war?

The UV is technically correct in stating that there are only two references to Belzec, one incorrectly referring to it as "Belsen," in the IMT transcript. However, Belzec is also mentioned in the opening statement made at the Oswald Pohl case, a subsequent trial at Nuremberg that the UV conveniently glosses over later in this segment. I quote from the transcript: "The extermination of the Jews was not limited to the Einsatzgruppen. Indeed, the slaughter in the charnel houses of Auschwitz, Treblinka, Majdanek, Belsec, and Sobibor was on a vaster scale" (emphasis mine).

Notice that when the UV searches for "Sobibor," he gets the very page I have just cited. So he is aware of the Pohl case, or at least aware that it is indexed along with the IMT trial at the Avalon Project. Given that the Ugly Voice gets the one alternate spelling he tries for Belzec out of Carlo Mattogno's denial book on the camp, it's odd that he doesn't search for the spelling "Belsetz," given that this spelling is also used in Mattogno's book. And, given that the letter "c" makes the /tz/ sound in Polish, it seems foolish that either the Ugly Voice, Mattogno, or both of them never bothered to search for this spelling. Given how quickly the UV glosses over the Pohl trial, might it be because if he searched for a fairly obvious variation on the camp name's spelling, he might have to explain another third of the Holocaust for which there is far more evidence?

(2) On to Sobibor: again, compared to other camps, there were quite a few survivors, most of them scattered. The UV would like us to believe that the number of survivors for the AR camps would be as high as those from Auschwitz, but he fails to acknowledge that the AR camps' goal was simply to kill -- not to extract slave labor. Also, given Rajzman's and Wiernik's testimonies, prosecutors may have felt no need to dig further into AR camps.

(3) Now the UV turns to Treblinka. He relies to an enormous extent on doing two things: (a) He first relies on identifying Jacob Vernik as Yankel Wiernik. The problem with this line of argumentation is that the UV has already failed at impeaching Yiernik's book earlier in the film. (b) He then relies on trying to shoot down the testimony of Samuel Rajzman before the IMT. The record of this testimony, by the way, can be read here .

The UV makes much hay of the fact of Rajzman's offer to enter a map into evidence being refused (well, not exactly) by the judges. The question you must ask yourself is this: Would a map do anything to further prove or disprove the guilt of the defendants? In fact, none of the men tried before the IMT in the trial of the major war criminals had ever been to Treblinka. The closest defendants with regard to the camp were Ernst Kaltenbrunner, who was Adolf Eichmann's direct superior in carrying out the Final Solution, and Hans Frank, the Governor General of occupied Poland.

Next the UV attacks the date of deportation that Rajzman states at trial versus what he had written a year earlier. In a document presented to Congress in 1945, Rajzman said he was deported to Treblinka from the Warsaw Ghetto on September 17, 1942, whereas a year later at Treblinka, he said he had been deported in August 1942. The UV points out with grave significance that Arad’s book does not include September 17 as a deportation date, and thus Razman must have changed his deportation date to make it more in line with what the historical record showed about deportations.

Actually, given what we know about which Jews were spared deportation during the major liquidation of the ghetto between July 22 and September 12, 1942, it makes perfect sense, given the very page of the Congressional record the UV shows us, that Rajzman would still have been in Warsaw after September 12, 1942. In Marek Edelman's essay on the ghetto uprisings (of which he, Edelman, was a part), he writes:

"By now the ghetto comprised: (1) The area of Tobbens', Schultz's, Rohrich's shops--Leszno Street, Karmelicka Street, Nowolipki Street, Smocza, Nowolipie and Zelazna Streets up to Leszno; (2) The "brush-makers' area"-- Swietojerska Street, Walowa, Franciszkanska, and Bonifraterska Streets up to Swietojerska; (3) The "central ghetto"--Gesia Street, Franciszkanska, Bonifraterska, Muranowska, Pokorna, Stawki, Parysowski Square, and Smocza Street up to Gesia" (emphasis mine).

Note that in the film, Rajzman clearly stated that we worked for W.C. Tobbens at the beginning of the very same paragraph in which he says he was deported on September 17. Why he stated at Nuremberg that he was deported in August may simply be a mistake on his own part.

Just to bolster this point, trains from Warsaw left for Treblinka as late in 1942 as October 3, according to Dr. Krausnick’s expert opinion submitted at the first Düsseldorf Treblinka trial and mentioned in the judgment. (This opinion, incidentally, was based on documentary evidence including the Stroop Report, which had already been introduced to the Nuremberg Trial of the Major War Criminals as Document No. 1061-PS. But does the UV mention this document anywhere? Of course not).

Arad’s book also does not list October 3 as a deportation date. This is because Arad's list does not claim to be comprehensive. He includes only very large transports (the smallest is 2,200), and on p. 381 Arad states clearly that his deportation numbers are estimates because "[t]he deportation method, as carried out by the German authorities in the General Government, was en masse, without lists of names or even exact numbers," and that "some Jews were temporarily left behind," which seems to be the situation in Rajzman's case. So the worst-case scenario here is that Rajzman was off by three weeks or so with regard to the date of his deportation when he testified at Nuremberg. Notably, our UV omits the information quoted from Arad's book directly above, though it appears at the beginning of the same Appendix (Appendix A in Arad) we are shown in the film.

The relevant page is transcribed here.

(4) Now the UV deals with the number of Jews in the cattle car that carried Rajzman (80 to 90) and the number who died, according to Rajzman (seven). Our UV finds the deaths in the boxcar unlikely because there are slats between the wood walls of cattle cars. Notably the UV doesn't show any actual cattle cars used by the Nazis.

Survivor Bart Stern tells us the cattle cars used by the Nazis were "about a third of the size of an American railroad car." Given that Rajzman says at least 80 people were in the car with him, given that he was deported in late summer, when the temperature is hot, given that there were no seats and the ride to Treblinka took over a day, and given that no water was given to the people put in this condition, is it really so unbelievable that seven Jews -- Jews who had been living in a ghetto for two years already and suffering the privations thereof -- would have died?

Notice the convergence in the stories of these people, also shipped in cattle cars, even though they likely have had no contact with one another since 1945, if they even had contact before then.

(5) The UV next attacks Rajzman's account in 1945 that air was pumped out of execution chambers rather than that gas was pumped into the chambers. The UV underlines the following words in Rajzman's 1945 account:
and the air pumped out with machine
However, he doesn't focus of the words in brackets which follow immediately:
(poison gas was used later)
Rajzman was not in a position to know about the exact method of murder, he was just an inmate, and then, not even in the extermination part of the camp. But Rajzman's words about the poison gas used later certainly don't exclude the engine exhaust, although he may have also meant other poison gases.

(6) The narrator's analysis of the "Lazarett" account basically amounts to the UV accusing Rajzman of lying about what Willy Mentz did in the Lazarett, saying that either Rajzman was lying or it was hearsay, which wouldn't be admissible in a court of law. Unfortunately for the narrator, Mentz isn't on trial so it's irrelevant that Rajzman's testimony might have been hearsay. (Mentz, as we have seen before, was one of the defendants at the first Treblinka trial, where he merely tried to reduce the number of people he had killed but neither denied nor embellished the nature of the “Lazarett” or his activity there. He was sentenced to life.) The speculation that Rajzman made up a story is belied by Rajzman’s later testimony at the first Treblinka trial in West Germany. Among the killings by Mentz that the Düsseldorf Court considered proven, there were two that bear a striking similarity to those described by Rajzman at Nuremberg. One was the killing of two sisters, one of them 10 years and the other 8 years old (the Nuremberg record states that the younger girl was two years old, but this may have been an error in the translation of Rajzman’s deposition, Rajzman meaning to say that the younger girl was two years younger than her 10-year-old sister). This killing Rajzman reported to have seen with his own eyes, and Mentz himself recalled once having killed two sisters aged 8 to 10 years and admitted that this might have been the occurrence Rajzman was referring to. The other killing was that of a grandmother, a mother and a newborn child. In this case Rajzman had not witnessed the killing itself, but only learned about it later from a capo named Kurland. However, he had witnessed the events preceding the killing and heard the question Mentz asked the grandmother, about whom she preferred to see killed first. Considering this and the fact that the “Lazarett” was the place where old and infirm persons were killed, as had been confirmed by several testimonies and by the defendant Mentz himself, the court saw no reason to doubt the accuracy of capo Kurland’s later account to the witness Rajzman. If Rajzman had made the story up, it would have been much easier for him to claim that he himself had witnessed the killing; his admission to having been a direct witness to only a part of the occurrence, on the other hand, is an indication of Rajzman’s credibility.

(7) The UV now moves into the general issue of SS men's cruelness toward children. To begin, the argument that because neither Hilberg nor the USHMM mention children being thrown into fires doesn't mean it didn't happen. Then the UV points out his incredulity of the reluctance of the defense counsel to cross-examine eyewitnesses. The UV says that he's "always found when [he's] read the transcript" that counsel refuses to cross-examine.

In fact, if you check the transcripts a bit more thoroughly, there are at least five instances where defense did cross-examine witnesses. Just one example is the witness Dr. Kivelisha.

(8) Finally with regard to Rajzman, the UV notes that Rajzman overestimated the number of deaths at Treblinka by roughly 3.5 times. Though he was a survivor, Rajzman was not an historian. That he overestimated the number should not lead to a conclusion that his whole story is a lie.

(9) Our UV now moves into territory that is supposed to be outside of his discussion, but this does give us the opportunity to clear a few things up. He mentions Rudolf Höss, the commandant at Auschwitz, and the testimony he gave at Nuremberg with regard to Treblinka.

One of the more amazing diversions from the chief subject at hand -- i.e., the AR camps -- is the UV's clarification of Rudolf Hess versus Rudolf Höss. Our UV tells us that, "in 1941, Hess did something very crazy. In a desperate attempt to keep Western Europe from being plunged into war, he piloted a plane by himself to England in an attempt to go around Winston Churchill and make contact with England's peace factions. When the plane was flying over England, he got out of the pilot's seat, put on a parachute for the first time in his life, and jumped out of the plane, spraining his ankle upon landing in a field. He was caught and promptly arrested." We then get a pathetic painting of Hess in Spandau, where he was addressed only by a number and was unable to have physical contact with his son. Why Hess should receive better treatment than an average criminal, I don't know.

Anyway, here are the narrator's mistakes:

(a) Hess was never second-in-command in Germany. He was third in command behind Göring.
(b) Hess had served in Germany's Imperial Air Corps in WWI. That his jumping from his plane of Scotland (not England) was his first time wearing a parachute is thus fairly ridiculous.

Then the UV gets into how Höss overestimated the death toll at Auschwitz when testifying at Nuremberg. But the UV doesn't tell us an important thing: He doesn't tell us that – as already pointed out in this article – Höss later downsized the figure to one much closer to the actual figure.

Next the UV makes a big deal over the fact that Höss didn't know when the AR camps were built, and then he claims that in naming "Wolzek" as one of the camps, Höss made an intentional mistake. Making intentional mistakes is going to be a big part of the narrator's argument later in the film. The problem is that Höss didn't make a mistake about the location of this "Wolzek." The directions he gives indicates he is speaking of Sobibor. In fact, there's even a town near Sobibor with a name that's very close to "Wolzek." See this essay on the name "Wolzek" and this discussion of Höss's memoirs.

This is followed by the UV "paraphrasing" Höss's Nuremberg testimony, which barely merits any attention at all. To say the UV is stretching is a mild statement at best.

A final key point never mentioned by the narrator: Höss appeared at Nuremberg as a defense witness for Ernst Kaltenbrunner. The prosecutors never called him, though they did cross-examine him. Why would a defense witness lie about the number of people killed on the orders of the man he is seeking to defend? Wouldn't he deflate rather that inflate the figure? The reason for the inflated figure given by Höss in his deposition before the IMT was explained as follows by Höss, in the notes he made in the sequence of his pre-trial interrogations in Poland (translation by Roberto):
The number of Jews delivered for annihilation at Auschwitz I gave as 2.5 million in previous interrogations. The number comes from Eichmann, who shortly before the encirclement of Berlin, when he was ordered to report to the RFSS [Reichsführer SS = Himmler], gave it to my superior, Gruppenführer Glücks. Eichmann and his steady representative Günther were the only ones who had documents at all about the number of those exterminated.
Höss’ own estimate he gave to his Polish interrogators (thereby discrediting the Poles’ own figure of 4 million Auschwitz victims – so much for any silly “Revisionist” claims that the Poles influenced Höss’ statements) was much lower (again, Roberto’s translation):
I myself never knew the total number and I have nothing to help me make an estimate of it.
I can only remember the figures involved in the larger actions, which had repeatedly been mentioned to me by Eichmann or his deputies.
From Upper Silesia and the General Government … 250,000
Germany and Theresienstadt … 100,000
Holland … 95,000
Belgium … 20,000
France … 110,000
Greece … 65,000
Hungary … 400,000
Slovakia … 90,000
I can no longer remember the figures for the smaller actions, but they were insignificant in comparison with the numbers given above.
I regard the figure two and a half millions as far too high. Destruction capacities had their limits even in Auschwitz.
Figures given by former prisoners are figments of the imagination and lack any foundation.
(10) A major point to make here is that we have the UV trying to make a very big deal out of the Nuremberg testimony given about the Reinhard camps. This is a very clever distraction, however. Keeping in mind that there are extremely few survivors of the Reinhard camps because they were pure extermination camps and not labor camps, and that none of the Reinhard camps were reached intact by the Red Army, of course the number of witnesses is going to be extremely low and of course physical evidence is not going to be in abundance.

Furthermore, and perhaps even more importantly, the IMT was not a trial that primarily concerned the Holocaust. Rather, the defendants stood accused of any combination of four charges: conspiracy against peace; crimes against peace; war crimes; and crimes against humanity. The Holocaust falls into the fourth category but was not the only crime under that indictment.

Of the twenty-four men charged at Nuremberg, five of them were not even charged under the fourth indictment. Of the nineteen men charged under the fourth indictment, several had no discernable connection to the death camps at all. So by limiting his "analysis" to the IMT alone, the Ugly Voice has played sleight-of-hand to convince the novice that the trial that "educated Americans" automatically associate with the Holocaust fails to prove mass extermination in the Reinhard camps. Perhaps he should have covered the trials that deal more extensively with the AR camps, namely the trials before West German courts mentioned above. But then, of course, he wouldn’t be able to shoot the “If you consider 20 minutes of courtroom time a thorough documentation of 1.5 million deaths.” – bull. And he would have to deal not only with Rajzman, but also with other eyewitnesses describing essentially the same particulars independently of Rajzman, including the accused perpetrators themselves, and with the documentary evidence assessed at those trials. Better go for the Nuremberg straw-man than deal with a lot of mutually corroborative evidence from West German trials dedicated to the AR camps alone, right, Mr. UV?

Thanks to the other blog team members for their help with this piece.

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