Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Chelm T4 Deception

Author: Jonathan Harrison
On September 4, 1940, a decision was taken to kill Jews who were in the care of German asylums. The decision is referenced here by Pfannmueller. This led to a transport on September 20, 1940, to a gassing site, camouflaged here. However, the Nazis did not wish the public to know that these Jews died on German soil, so they fabricated a story that these Jews died in an asylum in Chelm [also known as Cholm], Lublin, Poland, despite no such asylum existing there (see Henry Friedlander here, pp.17-20). Examples of such deceit are the cases of Hilda Sara Buchbinder (here) and Mirjam Sara P. (here, based on Tom Lampert's research using her German case file held at the Hessian State Archive, Darmstadt). Viktor Brack maintained this deception in his Nuremberg testimony as did Pfannmueller (see here) because they knew that the policy specifically targeted Jews, and they wished to maintain the fiction that Jews were never specifically murdered by T4 on racial grounds.

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