Saturday, June 11, 2016

Results of our Poll on Holocaust Controversies Coverage

Here are the results of our Holocaust Controversies poll on what the present readership would like to have featured more on the blog. Posted here without further comment (but open for discussion). Thanks to all who took part (49 participants, multiple votes were possible).


  1. Myself I like debunking HD but I also like the Holocaust History.
    Whatever you guys do I like.

  2. Hans, I voted in 'Holocaust History'. Anyway, this choice was for the lack of the another option ("others"). I think it's also important the debunking of false reports like this (Rosenblat case) and mistakes about the Holocaust that comes out in the media (Deniers always cling to these things). This takes part on the "Debunking HD" but it's something more specific.


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