Saturday, April 23, 2016

Another 1005 mini-update.

Author: Sergey Romanov
I have now added a new document to "Once More, With Feeling: Deniers And Aktion 1005, 10 Years Later". While a minor reference, a mention is a mention.

But I can also reveal that in addition to the 7 published documents in that post we have now been able to identify 14(!) more German wartime documents, which, to our knowledge, haven't been published, which contain explicit mentions of 1005 - 13 of them specifically refer to Sonderkommando 1005a.

That is, at present we have identified 21 German wartime documents explicitly referring to the designation 1005. All of them easily available to the researchers willing to do some basic legwork. We think that the  published 7 documents are more than enough to make our point about the denier huckster Mattogno and his lapdog Graf, so we're not in a hurry to release the rest of our cache, but we just thought we would let our readers know that the amount of evidence out there is pretty staggering. And this concerns not only the limited issue of 1005 but most of the topics the deniers try to tackle in their clownish ways.

(Updated to retroactively reflect the new number of documents on 18.05.2016.)

Update 26.05.2016: we have now identified yet another German wartime document (apparently previously unpublished), the one that explicitly mentions SK 1005 a and b. So the score is 22 now.

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