Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Berg Bites Cop

In a story published by The Record (New Jersey) on February 17, 1999, it was revealed that
Friedrich Berg, 55, of Linwood Avenue, Fort Lee, the same address Berg stated here, had bitten Sergeant Thomas Dalton during an altercation in which Berg apparently became abusive after being told to put his dog on a leash. Berg "was charged with disorderly conduct, violating the borough's leash ordinance, resisting arrest, and aggravated assault on a police officer." Dalton stated that "I reached over to grab him, and he leaned over and bit my right hand near the web, near the thumb." Why is this story significant? The Far Right frequently portrays African-Americans as instigators of violent crime, such as on numerous RODOH threads. Then there's the irony of Berg biting a man called Thomas Dalton, the same name as the pseudonymous author of this text. Berg's past indiscretion therefore highlights the ironies, double standards and farces that surround HD and White Nationalism in the USA.


  1. So now we know where "Thomas Dalton, PhD" got his handle.:-) 

  2. What was the title of the article? And why can't you quote it?

    Are you up to your old tricks again: citing articles you've never seen?

  3. The Record (New Jersey) February 17, 1999


    Author: ELISE YOUNG, Staff Writer

    It's one thing when an unleashed dog sinks its teeth into someone. It's quite another, police say, when the biter is the dog's owner, and the victim is a cop. But that explains why a veteran Fort Lee police sergeant is nursing a sore hand and the man who allegedly bit him is in the doghouse. "I've been bit before," Sgt. Thomas Dalton, 46, said Tuesday. "But I've never been bit by an owner."

    Dalton - who was bitten Monday night after arresting the dog's owner - was back on the job hours later, after being treated at a hospital for a tendon injury. He plans to undergo a round of blood tests to determine whether he picked up any infection from the bite. The dog's owner, Freidrich Berg, 55, of Linwood Avenue, was charged with disorderly conduct, violating the borough's leash ordinance, resisting arrest, and aggravated assault on a police officer, police said. He was arraigned Monday night and released on $5,000 bail.

    Berg, whose dog was returned to him, has an unlisted phone number and could not be reached for comment Tuesday. The incident began shortly before 8 p.m. near the Fletcher Avenue overpass, when a passer-by told Patrolman Terry McCabe that a loose dog had just missed being struck by a car. McCabe spotted the dog, a medium-size black-and-white mutt named Siggy, and told the owner it needed a leash, police said. The owner, later identified as Berg, replied with an obscenity, asked whether the police had anything better to do, and walked away, police said. McCabe called for backup. Dalton swung by in his patrol car and caught up with the dog owner at Linwood and Ellis streets. "He said he wasn't going to give us any ID," Dalton said. "I said we'll be forced to bring you in and charge you . . . in violation of the leash ordinance." At that point, Officer Ramon Valentin put the dog in! his patrol car, and officers moved to arrest Berg, who started swinging, police said. Finally, Berg was placed in the back of Dalton's patrol car. But as Dalton drove toward headquarters, he recalled, Berg began pushing his back against the door.

    "I told him, `Knock it off. You're going to fall out of the car,'" Dalton said. "I reached over to grab him, and he leaned over and bit my right hand near the web, near the thumb." Dalton, a 25-year police veteran, continued driving. He walked into headquarters, clutching his hand and dripping blood, and was taken to Englewood Hospital and Medical Center for treatment. "They couldn't stitch it," Dalton said. "I have to be tested for hepatitis B and C, AIDS, and everything else. They said I have tendon damage. I have to see a specialist." In the future, he said, he'll watch out for loose dogs and their owners. "What can I say?" he said. "It's a hazardous job."

    Copyright 1999 Bergen Record Corp.
    Record Number: 3396067

  4. "citing articles you've never seen"
    Regard. That has been debunked thoroughly and could also meet the standards of libel.

  5. Water off a duck's back. I just yawn and move on.

  6. Berg is all types of crazy. He recently ranted at a Holocaust survivor on Furtherglory. I read his paper on Nizkor about diesel fumes and why they are not dangerous. While it's true that diesel fumes are lower in carbon monoxide levels than regular gas exhaust he doesn't bother to mention the high levels of nitrogen and sulfur dioxides plus soot in diesel exhaust which cause death. Naturally he also didn't talk about what effect this would have on a large number of people stuffed in an air tight room.


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