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HC Reference Library

No hay mal que por bien no venga, says a Spanish proverb. There is nothing bad that doesn’t also bring some good.

When Yuku unexplainably pulled the plug on the RODOH forum, the reference texts collected throughout that forum’s existence (transcriptions/translations of documents, eyewitness testimonies, articles and excerpts from historical literature, plus my photos taken at Sobibór in October 2008) were suddenly off the web. This was unfortunate insofar as some of the reference threads had attracted considerable interest (judging by the number of recorded views) and/or were linked to in articles on this blog site, whose readers thus got to see only Yuku’s blue balloons when following those links, before being directed to another Yuku site.

Fortunately I had backup files of the vanished RODOH reference threads, which I added to the reference section of this blog site’s forum, after reviewing them and correcting transcription or translation mistakes and restoring the German special characters, quote marks, apostrophes and dashes that had been blotted out when the RODOH forum migrated from Ezboard to Yuku some time ago.

The HC Reference Library currently has 113 topics in four sections, which are ordered in the index below according to the subjects covered in each section that they are related to. Most of the texts are available in English transcription or translation, and one has even been translated into Portuguese for reference at our Brazilian friends’ excellent O Holocausto blog site. Where texts are available only in German (as is the case with most of the texts in the "Auschwitz" section), they will be translated into English as soon as possible, and Portuguese translations will also be provided as time permits. Broken links in blog articles to former RODOH reference threads have been replaced or will be replaced as soon as possible.

The HC Reference Library’s index below will be updated whenever new texts are added.

I hope this library will be as successful as its RODOH predecessor in providing information to readers interested in the subjects addressed therein.

1. Soviet Union
2. Auschwitz
3. Aktion Reinhard
4. General

1.Soviet Union - Reference materials on Soviet history, WWII in the Soviet Union, and the Holocaust in the Soviet Union

Soviet history and crimes of Stalin’s regime

Father, shoot me
NKVD massacres and Ukrainian Pogroms in June 1941
Red Army Crimes on German Soil 1944/45
SPIEGEL Interview with Richard Overy
States of Terror
The Soviet War Crimes Against Poland: Katyn

War preparations
22 June 1941: Defense or Attack?
A Headless Colossus of Clay: Stalinism and the Red Army
Four Hitler Speeches (German and English)
Research Controversy about Red Army’s War Preparations
Stalin's Government Before The German Attack: The Crisis

War and Nazi occupation
27 Million
Pictures of German Occupation in the USSR

Nazi crimes committed solely or mainly against Jews
Partial translation from the judgment LG Koblenz v. 21 Mai 1963
Transport 22 , Train Da 203 from Wien, Vienna, Austria to Minsk, Minsk City, Minsk, Belorussia (USSR) on 20/05/1942
A Massacre of Slonim Jews
The Reports of SS-Unterscharführer Arlt
Statement by August Becker, Ph.D., Gas-Van Inspector
Karl Wolff on 'The World At War'
Babi Yar Massacre
From the records of the Nuremberg Einsatzgruppen Trial

Holocaust in Soviet Union, Wehrmachtsverbrechen Bibliography

Jewish Resistance in Belorussia and Poland
Jews taken from other countries to Belorussia
Kharkov under Nazi Occupation
Leykauf's Letter to Thomas, 2 December 1941
Maly Trostinets and other extermination sites in Belorussia
The Waldkirch Hitler

Nazi crimes committed solely or mainly against non-Jews
"Out of the Fire", by Ales Adamovich, Yanka Bryl, Vladimir Kolesnik (Intro to Chapter 4)
"Out of the Fire" by Ales Adamovich, Yanka Bryl, Vladimir Kolesnik (Chapters 5 to 8)
"Out of the Fire", by Ales Adamovich, Yanka Bryl, Vladimir Kolesnik (Chapters 9 to 13)
"Out of the Fire" by Ales Adamovich, Yanka Bryl, Vladimir Kolesnik (Chapters 14 to 17)
"Out of the Fire" by Ales Adamovich, Yanka Bryl, Vladimir Kolesnik (Chapters 18 to 21)
"Out of the Fire" by Ales Adamovich, Yanka Bryl, Vladimir Kolesnik (Chapters 22 to 25)
"Out of the Fire" by Ales Adamovich, Yanka Bryl, Vladimir Kolesnik (Chapter 26)
Explosion and gassing experiments at Minsk and Mogilev
Keitel's order of 16.12.1942
Spiegel - Interview with Rolf-Dieter Müller
The Fate of Soviet Prisoners of War
The Nazi Hunger Plan for Occupied Soviet Territories
The Nazi struggle against Soviet partisans
The Siege of Leningrad

2.Auschwitz - Reference materials on Auschwitz

Reports, memoirs and documents used as evidence at the Frankfurt Auschwitz Trial
Breslauer Dokumente (German)
Broad-Bericht (German)
Chronik des Quarantänelagers Birkenau (German)
Excerpts from the autobiography of Rudolf Höss (German)
Kinna-Bericht (German)
Kremer-Tagebuch (excerpt) (German)
The Final Solution of the Jewish Question in Auschwitz (German)

Eyewitness testimonies at the Frankfurt Auschwitz Trial and assessments thereof
Erhard's Plaedoyer (German)
Filip Mueller (German)
Jehuda Bacon (German)
Karl Lill (German)
Ludwig Damm (German)
Otto Wolken (German)
Rudolf Vrba (German)

Statements by defendants at the Frankfurt Auschwitz Trial
Defendants at the Frankfurt Auschwitz Trial: Karl Höcker (German)
Defendants at the Frankfurt Auschwitz Trial: Oswald Kaduk (German and English)
Defendants at the Frankfurt Auschwitz Trial - Robert Mulka (German and English)
Defendants at the Frankfurt Auschwitz: Trial Stefan Baretzki (German)
Defendants at the Frankfurt Auschwitz Trial: Franz Hofmann (German)

Other statements by Auschwitz perpetrators
Extract from the interrogation of Otto Moll and Rudolf Hoess
Interview with Josef Erber (by Steiner) (German)

Zyklon B and forensic examinations
Directives for the Use of Prussic Acid (English and German)
The Cracow Report of 1945 (German and English)
The Zyklon B case (Tesch Trial)

Deportations to Auschwitz-Birkenau
Deportations to Auschwitz, 1942 to 1944 - Long Form
Excerpts from Das letzte Kapitel (German and English)

3.Aktion Reinhard - Reference materials on the Aktion Reinhard camps

1st Archaeological Research of the Former Jew Extermination Camp at Sobibor in 2001
Archaeological investigation of Belzec mass graves
Description of Sobibór gassing procedure by Erich Bauer
January 2005 TAHC Report (a technical source referred to in several blog articles and in Chapter 8 of the critique)
New source on Treblinka gassing facilitie
My Trip to Sobibór
About the Safe Removal of Animal Carcasses through Burning
(a technical source referred to in several blog articles and in Chapter 8 of the critique)
Gold Rush in Treblinka (German, English and Portuguese)
Sobibór - Excerpts from Hagen Trial Judgment (German and English)
Some early reports of the Aktion Reinhard camps
Testimonies about Engines used for Homicidal Gassing
Treblinka Eyewitness Accounts

4.General - Reference materials not fitting into the highlighted sub-forums

Chełmno extermination camp
Archaeological Research in the Grounds of the Chełmno-on-Ner Former Extermination Center
Gauleiter Arthur Greiser
Number of Victims of Chelmno Extermination Camp
The Sinti and Roma in the Łódź Ghetto (added on 20.04.2012)

Nazi extermination policy and implementation thereof
Swiss intelligence report excerpt on Einsatzgruppen, gas vans and Auschwitz from February 1944
Ausrottung, Vernichtung and Liquidierung
Himmler's Speech in Posen on 6 October 1943
Jewish Communities of Poland Destroyed in the Holocaust
Sickness and Death in the Ghettos
The Korherr Report
The Second Ghettoization

Jewish attitudes and reactions
Jewish Declarations of War
Jews in German Culture and Society
Raul Hilberg on Jewish Reactions to Nazi Persecution
Reich Association of Jewish Frontline Soldiers

Nazi concentration camps
Konzentrationslager Mauthausen
Letters from the ICRC to the IfZ
The Sachsenhausen Gas Chamber
The Belsen Trial (Josef Kramer + 44 others)

Other Nazi crimes
Germans and Serbs
(added on 04.04.2012)
German War Crimes against Italians (German, added on 04.04.2012)

Hitler speeches and orders
Hitler on 23 November 1939 (German and English)
Hitler's Order of 19 March 1945 (German and English)
Hitler’s Speech on 8 March 1939
Hoßbach Niederschrift (German)
The Schmundt Notes

Crimes committed by Western Allies and others
Carpet Bombing and Nuclear Bombs
Notes from a Land of the Dead
The Fate of Ethnic Germans in Yugoslavia

Judicial issues
Guidelines for assessing eyewitness testimonies
Interrogation Methods in 1950's Communist States
An assessment of the Nuremberg Trials
The Malmedy Trial and the Myth of Confessions extracted under Torture

Table: The Extent of Cleansing and Violence in Inter-Group Relations (Michael Mann)
The Psychological Satisfaction of Denials


  1. Roberto, later I'll put the link (or a translation of the post) of this index on the holocausto-doc(blog), I did a quick count and there are about 111 translations of the Holocaust Controversies in Portuguese. I've been thinking about these translations (into Portuguese) and to put in a single post, and then as a link in the summary.

    The reaction of big anger from deniers attests the quality of the texts published on the Holocaust Controversies.

    ... (I predict soon screams coming from the Cesspit, and its outsourced subsidiaries, when they read this post and the comments, lol).

  2. A suggestion about RODOH (it was unfortunate this exclusion): wouldn't it be better to open it again in another forum server? I think it would be possible to open the RODOH again in another server(not Yuku) while all discussions are recovered or reorganized.


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