Friday, February 10, 2012

Miasto Ruin (City of Ruins) - Warsaw 1945 video

Author: Roberto Lucena
Digital reconstruction of Warsaw. Video recreates the destruction of Warsaw during World War II. A simulation of five minutes helps to educate the new generation about the destruction of Warsaw, Poland, which occurred during World War II (1939-1945).

The video was produced by 40 experts, who took two years to finalize it. Using resources of the cinema in three dimensions (3D), it documents the shocking wreckage to wich Warsaw was reduced by Nazi Germany during the attempted extermination of Jews.

Producers have used historical images to create a simulation of a flight over the city in early 1945, which shows the collapse of bridges, houses burned without roofs, and the Warsaw Ghetto. Jan Oldakowski, the director of the Warsaw Uprising Museum, says that the video, subtitled in Polish, is intended primarily for young people, who doesn't realize the degree of destruction of the largest city in Poland between 1939 and 1945.

Trailer: link
Official site:
Extras: technical details of the Warsaw's digital reconstruction


Pacal said...

That was heart breaking

rfreed said...

I saw this on the big screen at the Warsaw Uprising museum in Warsaw. It was quite powerful.

danielm said...

Correction: the city wasn't demolished by Hitler in an effort to clear it of Jews. Jews were no longer present when the systematic destruction of the city and its immense historical heritage was begun, the ghetto having been liquidated and its occupants having been sent to Auschwitz. The surviving occupants were mostly gentiles, thought many of them were already dead.

An additional note: Stalin's armies waited outside the city limits and intentionally allowed Hitler to clear the way in order to produce a new city on the rubble of the old one. In fact, the tract of land where the Stalinist monstrosity known as the Palace of Culture and Science is planted was further reduced to rubble, even though many of the buildings in the areas were fit for restoration.

Both Hitler and Stalin should be held accountable for this hideous crime. We might even count the Allies among those who had the political resources to stop it, but nonetheless capitulated to Stalin.

Also, the film "Warsaw 1935" is being released tomorrow which is a 3D reconstruction of the city as it existed in 1935. It should be interesting. Nothing like this, and on this scale, has been done before.