Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Nazi 'Projection' of Extermination Goals

'Projection' is a process whereby someone accuses another of possessing negative traits that actually belong to himself. It is therefore significant that Nazi propaganda policy was to accuse Jews of wishing to exterminate Germans. On February 5, 1943, the Deutscher Wochendienst issued these instructions to German media:
Stress: If we lose this war, we do not fall into the hands of some other states but will all be annihilated by world Jewry. Jewry firmly decided [fest entschlossen] to exterminate all Germans. International law and international custom will be no protection against the Jewish will for total annihilation [totaler Vernichtungswille der Juden] [source: NG-4714 in Hilberg, Destruction of European Jews, vol. I, p.1094].
Calling Dr. Freud.


  1. So, I guess the modern version of this meme would be the HDers' tendency to point out that anyone who calls them out is "Hating Germans"?

  2. Yes; and deniers accusing historians of dishonesty and/or forgery

  3. Really? So I guess according to your logic, the Jew claim that in 1906 the Russians were going to exterminate all six milllion of them was also projection?

    You know, maybe I agree with you, since the Jews DID exterminate millions of Russians after their "projection."

    Or How about the 1919 Jew claim that six million in Ukraine and Poland "are going to be completely exterminated."

    I also feel this is projection, of the future Holodomor genocide of Ukranians by the Jew Soviets.

  4. Nathan, you wrote: "So, I guess the modern version of this meme would be the HDers' tendency to point out that anyone who calls them out is "Hating Germans"?"

    The modern projection is shown by some imbecile called "Eric" above, it is to falsely accuse "the Jews" of "exterminating" millions of non-Jews. One can't get more dishonest or wrong than that.

  5. Yes.. I agree with you.. Because the Jews exterminate millions of Russians.. Which is a clear form of "projection".

    Hand Held Core Drill

  6. Eric, a number of points:

    1) What standards of evidence are you applying here?

    2) According to Revisionist standards there were no exterminations because the graves have not been excavated.

    3) My colleague Andrew Mathis has done content analyses of press reports showing that there is no bias towards 6 million in Jewish appeals against atrocities. You are just cherrypicking.

    4) Bolsheviks were Bolsheviks, not religiously active. Bolsheviks believed religions was the opiate of the masses, if you recall your Marx. Their motivation was political, not ethnic or religious. You fail.

    5) Stalin was not Jewish.

    6) Stalin deported, decimated and purged Jews as well as non-Jews. Even your fellow deniers say Stalin deported Jews from Poland. How does that make him pro-Jewish?


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