Sunday, April 25, 2010

Updates on More Smear & Bitching

Update 1: See my RODOH posts 12163, 12164 and 12165

Update 2: Mr. Lisciotto's characteristic reaction [screenshot].

Question of the day: could it be that renowned Holocaust researcher Chris Webb doesn't know that his associate is barking mad? (That will cause said associate to put together another smear blog and/or a litany of fake comments on the current one, stay tuned.)

Update 3: See my RODOH posts 12189, 12190 and 12191.

Smear-blog-toting coward Carmelo Lisciotto is so predictable ...

More smear & bitching on CODOH (Part 1)

More smear & bitching on CODOH (Part 2)


  1. 'Sergey Romanov Watch' huh? Well I think I will stick around here. Though his ludicrous, ad hominum filled blog does make me realize that Nick and Sergey have been absent a lot lately. Then again Sergey has said he is not posting regularly and Nick, well he is a full blown professor so he's busy marking papers.

    Anyway more of the same BS. You can tell this guy (I can't be sure it is Mr. Lisciotto) is loony not only by the lack of evidence for his assertions but also in the "About Me" section, mockingly claiming to be Sergey. What's the point of that if it is a site critical of Mr. Romanov?

    P.S. He does bring up good one point though Roberto . . .. your head does look kind of melon shaped, with all due respect. ;)

  2. Heh, Carmelo Lisciotto's got no life, it seems. And why would a representative of the supposedly oh-so-respectable site spend so much time creating fake blogs and writing tons of crap on them? I can think of the only explanation: our wee lil' insignificant (or so Carmelo says) blog really got under his skin by exposing his and Chris Webb's machinations, lies, defense of forgeries, etc.

    I mean, we've unwittingly exposed so many ugly details about his past that he must've gotten in trouble in real life. This vendetta on his part shows that we're quite efficient at what we do, otherwise Carmelo would not have been obsessed with us :)

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. I see that the deplorable multi-aliased frustrate known as "jnovitz" on CODOH and "little gray rabbit" on RODOH is venting his frustration and grudges with slur against Dr. Terry.

    He has until noon GMT to remove that slur himself, after that I shall remove it.

  5. Another administrator didn't wait until noon before removing lgr's slur.


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