Thursday, February 11, 2010

Yet another antisemitic Nazi-lover writing for "Inconvenient history" blog

Canadian citizen (German emigre) Wilfried Heink posts at CODOH's "Inconvenient History" blog (see "About us" page and his postings). Recently he wrote the following at RODOH forum (my emphasis):

This is exactly what the National Socialists wanted for Germany, to have a Germany for Germans and to preserve that Aryan bloodline. Here is part of the Nürnberg law:

5. Nur der Deutsche, der sich zur deutschen Kultur – und Schicksalsgemeinschaft bekennt, kann staatsbürgerliche Rechte ausüben

(only those Germans who acknowledges to be part of German culture and destiny can carry out civic duties)

Hitler had the right to decide who lives in Germany and who did not. Jews are never part of the Schicksalsgemeinschaft they live in, regardless of what country it is. Therefore, they are strangers and subject to removal. This is what the National Socialists wanted, the Jews out of Germany. And that is all the Mohawk’s want, I doubt however that they will be allowed to succeed. And we have to remember that the Indians, in spite of all the make believe, are not sovereign nations.

Israel practices this and would get rid of the remaining Palestinians in an instance, but this can not be compared to the situation in Germany, and indeed to that in Quebec. The Jews claiming to be original Hebrews from Judea, or wherever, are not, and have therefore no right to push the aboriginals out. Germany on the other hand has been populated by Germanic tribes for centuries, ditto for the Indians. And yes, if it can be proven that the land I purchased and live on is still land owned by the Indians, I would have to move, but that is another issue altogether.
First there was neo-Nazi Carolyn Yeager [1, 2, 3], now this.

Arme Auschwitz-Leugner.


  1. You know he is right about the Kahnawake exiction incident. That is why I have consistently believed reserve's are a nice way to say "ghetto". It's ironic considering the laws that the Kahnawake band leaders are using where written by the Anglo-Canadian government to create a barrier between the Mohawk peoples and everyone else.

    I think the real question at the bottom of all this is whether perserving cultures really means resorting to xenophobic laws? If history has taught us anything then sadly yes.

    Xenophobia 2010 - Still going strong!

  2. Whether he is right on this issue is not the point.


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