Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Memory Hole Festival started ...

Author: Roberto Muehlenkamp
... with my first post on the "CODOH Revisionist Forum" following my re-admission to that lovely place after a long time of being banned.

My post of Wed Jan 13, 2010 7:38 am briefly appeared on the thread Muehlenkamp and Mermelstein, before the moderator got cold feet and deleted it.

Now let's see what happens on the thread DEMJANJUK: Scapegoat for Jewish Madness, where I currently have three posts waiting for moderator approval ...

Update, 15.01.2010: See my RODOH posts 11806, 11807 and 11808.

1 comment:

Jonathan Harrison said...

Hargis has these absurd rules:

Keep your posts limited to one point.

Voluminous, lengthy, and redundant posts are not welcomed.

which are of course absurd. You cannot debate using those rules. Instead you have to pretend that debate consists of a single points, that get more and more narrow as the 'debate' proceeds, making it impossible to converge evidence.

Yet Hargis writes, "Only lies need to be shielded from debate, truth welcomes it."

This is Hargis's Big Lie.