Sunday, June 21, 2009

"Hatred Begets Hatred"

Author: Jonathan Harrison
Those words were typed by Richard A. Widmann, when he reproduced this article by Paul Grubach following the USHMM shooting. However, Widmann and Grubach somehow failed to see how the words reflected on Revisionism. Several deniers are undoubtedly haters of Jews. Berg, Gerdes and Hargis certainly fall into that category. Theirs is the land of the ad hominem. In contrast, we at HC do not hate deniers: we pity them for their delusions. We certainly hate their racist ideology, Nazi sympathies, and their dishonest methods, but we have no desire to portray deniers themselves as a poisonous ethnic group. Mr Widmann and Mr Grubach need to heed this lesson, or they will probably find themselves having to write future articles distancing Revisionism from more acts of violence by their bedfellows.

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