Saturday, December 29, 2007

Note to Bankdraft

Author: Jonathan Harrison
The opening blog on this site (dated March 23rd, 2006) states:
Let it be stated from the outset that we do not endorse censorship of any kind; nor are we in favour of anti-Holocaust Denial laws being passed in Britain or the United States. We would prefer that continental countries such as Germany, Austria and France did not make martyrs out of Deniers.
So perhaps you need to do some reading before mouthing off on the Cesspit, which is (lest we forget) a censored forum, despite the fact that its moderator, Jonnie Hargis (who lies about his identity), claims that it is a forum for open debate? There's a good chap.


Butch said...

So I have to go back to 2006 to find your refrence? The opening post?

Yeah, that's in plain sight.

BTW, you didn't delete my well-written post, it was under another topic. Sorry about the earlier comment but this ain't the easiest place to get around.

Jonathan Harrison said...

>>Yeah, that's in plain sight.

It is. On our home page, we have a hyperlink titled "Essential Postings" . Click on it and our Intentions blog is at the top of the list. Any reader who was genuinely interested in our policy, rather than trolling, would have found it, hence we do not feel the need to repeat the policy every week.

Butch said...

Asked why JH abandoned a question that called for renunciation of holocaust denial laws, he responds:

The obvious answer is that we have no need to do so as our policy has already been stated many times on here. I strongly suspected, and still do, that the questioner already knew this. It was thus a matter of not feeding the troll.

I see. But you felt it necessary to clarify yourself when two weeks later I mentioned it at CODOH? And you didn’t mention any trolls then?

Aren’t you also the one who made this statement at RODOH concerning Dr. Butz.


Wankdraft adds comedy (sic) value:

That's why in another thread I suggested Dr. Butz (Northwestern University engineering professor and author of the Hoax of the 20th Century) was one of the best revisionist. Can you imagine the ridicule he must endure everyday? But then again he is also quite the role model; bright young engineering students see this reasonable and clearly intelligent man teaching engineering and have to ask themselves if his book doesn't have some merit?

JH comments: “Yes, because someone who can teach me about hydraulics is going to be a perfect source on historiography.”


Does that mean that say, an English PhD., would likewise be an unreliable source for historiography?

I would think someone -- anyone -- who could teach YOU hydraulics would be a fucking genius. This is just a long-shot but I’m guessing you’re the village-idiot over at HC.

Jonathan Harrison said...

>> And you didn’t mention any trolls then?

It was clear from the tone of my blog that I was responding a troll, both on here and on the Cesspit thread. Two trolls making the same whine.

>> Does that mean that say, an English PhD., would likewise be an unreliable source for historiography?

An engineer can teach himself to become a good historiographer, as can any layperson. However, someone who has doctoral training in textual analysis is more likely to be a good historian than someone who has not.

The comedy value in your post was your assumption that Butz's engineering position AUTOMATICALLY makes him a valid historical authority. It's the false appeal to authority that is fallacious.

Butch said...

Dr. Harrison,

I'm still having trouble understanding your revisionist law policy.

The stated policy reads (in part):

"... nor are we in favor of anti-Holocaust Denial laws being passed... "

But I'm wondering if you meant to say:

"... nor are we in favor of Holocaust Denial laws being passed... " (i.e. sans "anti") because what you actually say translates to: "we are in favor of Holocaust Denial laws"

Can you advise me on this? Or maybe check with Dr Mathis? As you know I'm just a dumb fuck and this double negative thing kinda fucks me up.

Thanks in advance,


Butch said...


You did it to me again. You claim CODOH is a censored forum but glancing through the member list, who's name to I come across?

Good old JH, though I haven't seen any of your posts (lately). Maybe they are deleting them. Fucking Nazis!

Took me awhile but I have figured out what your definition of a troll is {e.g. ngoodgame): anyone who asks a question you can't answer.

I always thought it was one of those monsters who hung around under bridges and snatched little children... then again, I'm revisionist so what the hell do I know?

I also note ngoodgame has you "on the ropes" (again).

Last observation. I read (at RODOH) where you stumbled through trying to figure the energy differential between a Tomahawk missile and a Boeing 757 and I got to thinking, maybe Dr. Butz could help you with the math?

Just a thought. 'Course he's a revisionist too so what the hell would he know? He'd probably give you bad numbers but it's worth a try. And you're a sociologist so if he ever needed to know why people run yellow lights (traffic signals), you could answer it for him. Quid pro quo and that sort of thing.

Butch said...


"Because you obviously made a claim against better knowledge."

Well... it was really because I got such a laugh out of you kissing Turley's ass and your ridiculous explanation how you would never talk behind some one's back.

Making money is wacko? Maybe you aren't a Jew.

Just let these two words burn their way into your thick skull: Berlin Wall. It is apropos that the myth started at he Berlin Wall -- the Soviets on one side and the Americans/British on the other -- and it's going to end there too.

What I find instructive (your word) is that you were just about to expose me as a sociopath ["thanks for the self-portrayal. It more or less coincides with the impressions I have gained of you so far. And I'm sure it won't be lost on our readers either."] when I exposed you. Is that a coincidence or what!?

By the way, your use of the word "readers" (in the above quote) should probably be "reader" (i.e. singular), don't you think.

What else? Oh yeah, looks like your petition is holding pretty steady at 15. What was my estimate? 20? And you haven't even started with the shills yet.

You were banned from CODOH because you are an asshole. BTW, Harrison is NOT banned and I don't see his dumb-ass over there. You could even post under his username but I don't see that happening either.

Roberto, your desperation is palpable. Like I said, now that I know you're a sociopath, it's e-a-s-y. Keep coming back... even though I basically now own HC.