Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Fabian, Fabian...

Author: Sergey Romanov
I post too much about CODOH lately (it being such a source of fun), and here's hopefully the last time for a while. Fabian Eschen ("Sailor" at CODOH) posted this:
It was this fellow Sergey Romanov who posted on the other board in all seriousness, that the reason, why the remains of the hundreds of thousands of dead Jews who were allegedly killed in Babi Jar could not be found, was because the big flood came and washed it all away!

What a clever "Holocaust historian"!

They sure have some quality hoaxsters on that forum.

Sergey Romanov told the AHF that he hails from Russia. He is probably an "Ostjude" (East-Jew) who are flooding at this time Germany by the hundreds of thousands, demanding full welfare instantly and hate Germans.
Of course, there were never "hundreds of thousands of dead Jews" in Babij Jar, so I couldn't have made such a claim. And, of course, there was a well-known Kurenyovka tragedy in 1961, when a dam broke and the resulting massive mudslide buried not only numerous victims alive, but also destroyed the ravine. That is exactly the reason why Babij Jar no longer exists. (The official contemporary documents of investigation of the tragedy can be found in Babij Jar: chelovek, vlast', istorija, vol. 1, compiled by T. Yevstafjeva, Vitalij Nakhmanovich; Kiev, Vneshtorgizdat Ukrainy, 2004).

What is interesting, though, is that Eschen, who is a "Valued contributor" at CODOH, is completely unaware of this event (as his dismissive tone suggests). For those who don't know, Eschen is also a prolific translator of denier "literature". And that bit of antisemitism at the end - well, that's just classic. And I'm not even Jewish. Once again: so much for "revisionism" having no relation to antisemitism!

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