Monday, September 18, 2006

Is Patrick H. McNally's brain rotting?

Author: Sergey Romanov
From this one is tempted to conclude: yes.
2. There logically cannot be any holyhoax eyewitnesses.
This alone should indicate that his circuits just ain't workin'!

But we already knew this, didn't we.
More from Andrew soon.


Kiwiwriter said...

Waded through his...uh, theses. I had to read some of his sentences twice, finally realizing that he talks in his own coded language,which he does not bother to translate for his readers, because he clearly holds them in contempt.

He's typical of these ranting paranoids, in the use of code-words, which also shows his outrageous sense of self-importance. After all, oracles speaking the word of Eternal Truth are not required to translate their earth-shattering message.

He also shows his disconnection to one thesis, he supports Israel's existence and in the last one, he calls for Israel's destruction.

He also doesn't think much of the Constitution, since he says that people who teach the Holocaust should be jailed and their facilities shut down.

And a lot of stuff about urination and spitting...what is it with these woos and their obsession with penises?

A serious nutter...I think he's been in Japan too long.

Voxceltica said...

"this is a good illustration of the "Cold War" mindset of most Western deniers. Note how McNally never doubts Robert Conquest's Ukrainian famine death toll estimate of 7 million (which later (non-Communist) research has shown to be exaggerated by several millions"

That's an interesting quote from your last P H McNally post. Sounds a lot like holocaust denial doesn't it?

Sergey Romanov said...

"Sounds a lot like holocaust denial doesn't it?"

No, it doesn't.

Voxceltica said...

I'm not wasting my time with a Holomodor deneying moronic Anti-Ukrainite!

I think it goes something like that, doesn't it?

Sergey Romanov said...


"I'm not wasting my time with a Holomodor deneying moronic Anti-Ukrainite!"

Yes, you aren't.