Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Vegetarian Charged With Holocaust Denial...

Author: Nicholas Terry
...actually, it's former Zündel defense lawyer Sylvia Stolz who's been charged with Volksverhetzung. But I couldn't resist after reading this story from the Tagesspiegel back in the spring. Seems that the erstwhile Horst Mahler groupie has been a veggie for 20 years. Was this the source of her denial of the Holocaust? The logic is after all very simple:

a) The Führer was a vegetarian and loved animals and small children
b) Therefore the Führer cannot have eaten babies or ordered the Holocaust
c) Therefore the Bundesrepublik Deutschland does not exist and Zündel must go free.

Well, it's no more fallacious than Stolz's logic to the Tagesspiegel journalist: "It is claimed that the Nazis poisoned the disabled with car exhaust. Don't you know that diesel exhaust isn't fatal?" Alas for her 'logic', the Nazis used bottled CO for the euthanasia program.

Anyway, more details of the charges against Stolz here.. Yes, it's the Zundelsite. Which reminds me of another denier brainfart related to the erstwhile 'German Joan of Arc'. Here's how Ingrid Rimland described her:
"a backbone of steel and the beauty of a mangrove."


Moonbat sez:

Bwahaha! I know a fellow moonbat when I see one...


Anonymous said...

What is this site? Comedy Central? The topic is "massdestruction". Why make jokes about those deniers? What part of "no massdestruction without tons of physical united-nations-inspected evidence" dont YOU understand? Didnt you learn anything from irak? your government has no problem faking anything concerning massdestruction if it fits its invasion/occupation policies so why couldnt it have faked 90% of the "holocaust"?

Sergey Romanov said...

Hello, Moonbat :-)

Philip Mathews said...

I've just told my wife she's as beautiful as a mangrove and she said, "as in mangrove swamp"?

Nick Terry said...

Why make jokes about deniers? Because when they're not being grotesquely offensive, they're really, really funny.

Kiwiwriter said...

Another lunar tune, I see. He's so proud of his historic and world-important position that he has to keep himself anonymous.

Anyway, "anonymous," your statement speaks for itself, and proves our point....Moonbat deniers are the kwaaaaaziest people.