Thursday, August 24, 2006


It's worth checking out A. Rueckerl's letter to David Irving re: Gerstein's report.


  1. Unfortunately for me, the linked letter was entirely in German, so I couldn't understand it.

    I didn't really feel like searching through David Irving's entire web page for's a bit like stirring through untreated sewage...but I tried, and instead found that he's now suing Deborah Lipstadt (again!) and Emory University, supposedly for violating his copyrights in publishing all the paperwork from the 2000 trial on their website.

    Irving published his correspondence between himself and Emory and their lawyers up to April 2004, where the paper trail stops.

    Emory's lawyers tell him in precise legal prose to get bent, and warn that since Irving is a bankrupt, he'd better post bond before actually suing in the US or Britain, so the lawyers can recover the costs after the end of this "frivolous" action.

    "Frivolous" is a harsh word for a lawyer to use, by the way.

    That was two years ago. Irving is in an Austrian jail cell now, so I wonder how that case came out?

  2. It's indeed noteworthy that Rückerl discussed the reliability of Gerstein's report. He did not simply ignore Gerstein's "inaccurate descriptions" as perhaps other authors or as Revisionist would wish it were. As he mentioned footnote 46 in NS-Vernichtungslager:

    "...An einigen Stellen enthält der Bericht ungenaue Darstellungen von Größenverhältnissen, Namen und Diensträngen. Den Zeitpunkt, den äußeren Ablauf des Besuchs, vor allem den Vernichtungsvorgang selbst hat sein damaliger Begleiter Prof. Pfannenstiel sowohl im Jahre 1950 vor einem Untersuchungsrichter wie auch im Jahre 1959 bei seiner Vernehmung durch den Sachbearbeiter der Zentralen Stelle Ludwigsburg in allen wesentlichen Punkten bestätigt (AZ - ZStl: 208 AR-Z 252/59, Bd. I, Bl. 41 ff., 133ff.)"

    Sergey, do you know any more details on his "expert report on the 'Butz-book'" he mentioned?

  3. Kiwiwriter, run it through Babelfish - you'll get the gist.

    Believe me and Sergey when we say it is *crucifying* Irving for his mistakes over the Gerstein report.

  4. "Sergey, do you know any more details on his "expert report on the 'Butz-book'" he mentioned?"

    No, but surely it would be a worthwile project for some German citizen to acquire this report!


  5. Yes, I think it would be rather a find!

  6. Nick,

    Kannst du dieses Anschreiben verdeutschen? Danke.

    Gruess gut,



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