Sunday, April 23, 2006

"JC Superstar" in Majdanek?

Author: Sergey Romanov
New York, NY, April 18, 2006 …The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today said it was "appalled" by plans to present the musical "Jesus Christ Superstar" at the Majdanek Concentration Camp outside Lublin, Poland.

Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director, and a Holocaust Survivor, issued the following statement:

We are appalled at the poor taste behind the decision to present this musical at the site where Jews were enslaved and killed. A site such as Majdanek, the second largest Nazi concentration camp in Europe, cannot be treated as if it were a public park or an entertainment venue. It is a sacred place dedicated to the memory those who suffered and to the more than 230,000 Jews and others killed within its gates.

We call on the organizers of this event to move it to another venue.
Musical in Majdanek? What kind of idea is that?

Also, note the inertia of scholarship - it has been established that about 78,000 people died in Majdanek, about 59,000 of them Jews. Foxman still uses the old figure. And who can blame him, if the Museum itself didn't care to update its own website?

28/10/2009 update: the site has been updated.


Roman Werpachowski said...

The plans for the opera show have been cancelled after the ADL protests and a negative opinion of the Polish Ministry of Culture. Indeed, it seems the Museum performed poorly in this regard. They shouldn've have started this thing at all.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the Majdanek Staff leader should be exchanged one nearer day?
There are younger and more competent persons in the staff.


Roman Werpachowski said...

I wouldn't be surprised if he were. OTOH, I wouldn't be surprised if he weren't. Polish bureaucracy often works illogically.

Scott Smith said...

Abe Foxman as the moral guardian of what's tasteful? No need to even go there.

Roman Werpachowski said...

Scott, what exactly do you mean?

Scott Smith said...

Abe Foxman is a Zionist propagandist and a Holocaust promoter in the worst sense. The ADL might not be as slimy as the Simon Wiesenthal Center but they are hardly champions of good taste.

Besides, it is poor taste as I see it, to make Holy Shrines out of old concentration camps in the first place. They can't decide whether the "Holiest of Holies" (in the words of Holocaust Defender van Pelt) should be an atrocity temple or a martyrdom theme park.

Roman Werpachowski said...

I would rather say that calling the site of a horrendous crime a "martyrdom theme park" is in VERY bad taste.

Scott Smith said...

Roman said:

<< I would rather say that calling the site of a horrendous crime a "martyrdom theme park" is in VERY bad taste. >>

As David cole noted in his documentary video, the Auschwitz "ride" (my word) is one big atrocity after another until the climax at the gaschamber at Krema I, an hisitorically poor reconstruction shown to tourists.

To say that Disneyland's Pirates of the Caribbean is better is not bad taste, just common sense.

But a pilgrimage to Auschwitz or Treblinka is pretty much standard fare for Zionist "pioneers" and fellow-travelers, is it not?